14.02 ВСЕ О DIOR



For St. Valentine's Day, the photographer Raymond Meier reinterprets the bottles of the perfumes J’adore   and Hypnotic Poison   as flaming hearts. DiorMag brings you the exciting images as it delves into the tale that sets February 14th apart.

Legend has it that the phenomenon that is St. Valentine's Day draws its origins from the story of a Roman priest named Valentine, imprisoned by Emperor Claudius II for having continued to perform weddings in defiance of an official interdiction. During his imprisonment, the priest became friends with the jailer's blind young daughter, restoring her eyesight and writing her, before his death, a letter he signed "Your Valentine".

Ever since, the anniversary of his passing, February 14, has come with the red tint of love attached. It's an occasion for the entire world to celebrate love and affection through the sharing of cards and notes, with flowers, chocolates and perfumes.
On February 14, passion is written in a perfumed alphabet of Hypnotic Poison   directly on the skin, declaring, through notes of jasmine and rose, that timeless sentiment: J’adore .