25.04 ВСЕ О DIOR



 The role of One Essential ?   Detoxing skin, deeply and daily, in order to render it not only more beautiful but more luminous, too.

Everyday, billions of toxins build up in the epidermis, choking and changing the cells. Seemingly smothered by the effects of pollution and UV rays, skin can't breathe and loses its glow. Launched in 2010, after ten years of research, the One Essential   serum eliminates toxins, reactivates the skin's cellular regeneration, and protects it from polluting particles. And the active star ingredient at the heart of the formula? A seaweed extract - dubbed "Détoxinyle" by Dior's scientific team -  that serves to active the natural toxin-elimination mechanism. 

Protected by ten patents, One Essential   detoxifies skin and prepares it to better absorb and benefit from succeeding skincare products. Adapted to all skin types, the serum purifies the epidermis deep down, allowing it to breathe and remain luminous permanently.