22.03 ВСЕ О DIOR



and Games on the Playground.

Candyland silks, sweet taffetas, a gumball bright dress or caramel trousers: when it comes to children, the Baby Dior ateliers seem to transform into a candy shop. Little girls play at being grown up, paging through couture albums dating from Monsieur Dior’s day and gladly allow themselves be dressed up like little ladies. They prance, they twirl: they’re having the time of their lives. Little boys sway under the weight of fabric they insist on carrying all by themselves; they’re proud to be “little helpers”. Boxes of fabric swatches are like treasure chests where the children, delighted, discover buttons, bits of lace and assorted trimmings

This season, the Baby Dior collections recall Christian Dior’s own childhood. A seaside air wafts over sailor jackets for little boys or fluid dresses for little girls: it’s almost like being in Granville, in the rose garden at the Villa Les Rhumbs that the young Dior loved so. A gift ribbon ties it all together: in the film posted above, children thrill in playing with it. The ribbon also leads the way: pull in one direction or the other to wander around inside the video. This ribbon recalls the one that Grace of Monaco cut, in 1967, the day that the Baby Dior line was inaugurated. She was its godmother.