The Fortunetellers

"Chance always comes to the rescue of people who really want something," he wrote in his memoirs. Christian Dior clearly inherited from his maternal grandmother his highly pronounced attraction to divination, fortune tellers, signs of destiny, and premonitions. He had His first meeting with a clairvoyant in 1919 at the age of 14 years. Eager to don fancy dress costume as soon as an opportunity presented itself, the young Christian slipped into gypsy clothes for a charity fair held in Granville to benefit soldiers. A basket tied around his neck with ribbons, he was responsible for selling the charms of a palmist. Having fulfilled his role perfectly during the day, the lady with the big skirts proposed that he come see her that evening to have his palm read. "You will find yourself without money, but women will benefit you and it's because of them that you will succeed. You will make vast profits and have to cross the sea." Women, travels to America, wealth ... In retrospect, everything turned out to be true. The fortune tellers would accompany him throughout his life, allowing him to ease his bruised heart, to keep hope and to carry on, or to simply take decisive career choices.

From June 1944 to May 1945, one of his most loyal supporters, the fortune teller Madame Delahaye, foretold tirelessly of the return from deportation of his beloved sister Catherine. The vision came in contrast to the opinions of the resigned and the pessimistic, and the reality of the plight of millions of men and women. His older sister, a young member of the resistance, was freed from the Ravensbrück camp at the end of the war. This was the same clairvoyant who would aid him in taking a decision that would totally alter his whole life - and that of fashion, too. Having received two offers to create his own couture house, Dior rushed to see Madame Delahaye. "'Accept!' she ordered me. 'Accept! You have to create the house of Christian Dior. Whatever the starting conditions, anything they can offer you later is nothing compared to the luck you have today!" He knew that her intuition was correct. She had already proven to him that she was never wrong. The star found in front of the British Embassy only served to confirm the premonitions.