We already brought you the news: J’adore  is writing a new page in its story. Today, we bring you the film directed by Jean-Baptise Mondino, in which the actress and muse Charlize Theron takes us into a world of modernity.

This is a woman with her eyes fixed straight ahead. With a sensual and assured gait, Charlize Theron takes us into a gold-shrouded dawn, towards a new horizon filled with promise. "The future is gold",  she announces as she confidently sets off to conquer the future. Her haute couture dress caressing her sensual curves, Charlize is the very embodiment of femininity itself. She sashays through the Galerie des Glaces of the Château de Versailles: the chapter that opens in this brand new film begins precisely where the previous campaign left off (memorably featuring appearances by Marilyn Monroe, Marlene Dietrich and Grace Kelly backstage at a Dior show), but looks firmly to the future, revealing the destiny of a woman of today, rooted in reality and totally turned towards the future: "a campaign like this is all about celebrating women in every aspect of who they are, with their flaws and their strengths, their majestic powers and their enigma",  explains the actress, the face of the fragrance.

She passes seamlessly between the refined tradition of Versailles and the contemporary glare of a bustling city. "The past can be beautiful, a memory, a dream, but it’s no place to live. And now it’s the time, the only way out is up. It’s not heaven. It’s a new world. The future is gold.”,  we hear her whisper, with hope and realism. Falling from the highly-decorated ceiling of the Galerie des Glaces, a sliver of lamé  fabric opens out in front of her. Its gilded shine evokes the J’adore  bottle's own precious and curvaceous covering, the gracious opulence at one with a floral bouquet of rose-caressed jasmine. Thanks to her own sculpted body, Charlize rises to the opportunity with confidence and determination. Carried by this spirit of optimism, she resurfaces among the twinkling skyscrapers of an urban landscape. Here is the future of the J'adore  woman: a radiant but contemporary world, one she's called on to dominate with the power of her femininity.