The expert brush for a professional makeup result


With the expertise of its Backstage Makeup Artists, Dior has created a professional line of brushes for perfect, simple makeup application.
A breakthrough beveled shape specially designed to facilitate the application of two colours of eyeshadow. Use its flat side to apply a light shade across the entire eyelid in one easy sweep and its high-precision tip to structure the eye with a darker shade.


The skin is like a canvas, and makeup the medium, so it seemed only natural for Dior to join forces with Raphaël, the art brush master, to produce the finest brushes.
Since its creation in Paris in 1793, the House of Raphaël has employed a savoir-faire founded on traditional practices: from hair collection to combing, assembly and quality control, each brush is handcrafted, necessitating the expertise of some thirty people. 

Application tips

When applying two colours, first apply the light shade using the flat side of the brush and sweeping across the entire mobile eyelid from the inner corner to the outer corner for an incredibly even finish. Then use the tip to apply the darker shade, following the crease from the inner corner to the outer corner to structure the eye. 


For proper brush hygiene, clean your brush regularly with the Dior Brush Cleanser.

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