Spectacular lifting & curling care mascara


A mascara enriched with the Lift Model Extrême complex that boasts properties like those in hairspray to coat and set each lash.
Extreme wear and zero smudging.
Easy to remove with warm water or facial cleanser. Does not require eye makeup remover.*

Make-up Finish

Natural curl.

Application tips

Apply Diorshow Iconic mascara by rotating the brush to give lashes a styled effect. After carefully wiping the brush, use the tip to create beautifully fanned out lashes. 


Elastomer brush. 


Its lash-care formula enriched with shaping active ingredients densifies natural lashes, promotes growth**, lifts and visibly sets their curl with improved results each day***.

**Ex vivo test on ingredients: improvement of lash dimensions, demonstrated by greater visibility of natural lash growth.
***Before and after clinical evaluation (1 application per day for 4 weeks): improvement of natural lash curl after application of Diorshow Iconic mascara.

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Diorshow Iconic Extreme

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