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The Ultra-Detox One Essential Restorative Mask eliminates toxins and has a profound restorative action on the skin.*
A ten-fold higher concentration of Détoxinyle™, Dior's detoxifying active ingredient, for skin that is like new: perfectly smooth, plumped up and glowing. The extra-cool gel texture becomes a face mask which, on contact, is absorbed into the skin, diffusing into the very heart of the cells its superpowerful active ingredients, in record time - 10 times faster than a sheet mask.**

*In vitro test
** In vitro test vs sheet mask, measured every 4 hours for cafeine penetration, from 4 - 40 hours, in actual conditions of product use.


The new generation One Essential mask is ultra-concentrated in Détoxinyle™, a Dior natural detoxifying agent, and fuses with the skin to eliminate toxins* at the heart of skin cells. The skin is finally freed of excess toxins. As if revitalized, it glows with new-found radiance and spectacular freshness. * In vitro tests.

Key ingredient

Dior Research carried out studies on this Hibiscus flower, revealing that its delicate chalice hides under its gown of petals an extraordinary power of detoxification. Hibiscus extract has been shown to stimulate the recycling process of toxins that have penetrated the cell's "lung"*. *In vitro tests conducted on ingredients

Dior Garden

The Dior Garden, dedicated to the Red Hibiscus, is located in the heart of the Koro Ecological and Cultural Site, an area covering 20 hectares where 18% of Burkina Faso’s flora flourishes, representing nearly 190 plant species. This remarkable site was selected due to its distinctive geology and the richness of its soil. More than a hectare is entirely devoted to cultivating the “Hibiscus Sabdariffa”, or Red Hibiscus.

Application tip

Once or twice a week, apply a generous amount of the gel mask over the whole face. Leave on for 5 to 10 minutes maximum. The serum texture will progressively penetrate your skin. For extra detoxifying effectiveness, remove excess gel following the exclusive application movements developed in association with the Dior Institute.

One Essential
Skin Boosting Super Serum

Even more powerful: this super serum is the fundamental daily step,1 before any other skincare product, for a boosted revitalizing effect. With just one daily dose2 of its beneficial texture, purify and strengthen your skin even more every day. The effectiveness of your usual skincare routine is boosted and prolonged by up to 4 times. 1 At Dior. 2 1 dose = 0.5 ml to be applied twice a day (3 pumps morning and night).

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One Essential
Ultra-Detox Treatment-Mask

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