The must-have anti-ageing priming & protective base


The Capture Totale multi-perfection refining base infused with anti-ageing ingredients that correct all the visible signs of age and recreates the natural perfection of young skin. At the heart of its formula lies a powerful protective shield that protects the deepest youth-creating cells from external factors of aggression and UV rays.
Day after day the skin becomes dramatically more beautiful. Pores are visibly refined and the skin becomes perfectly smooth again.
Its light and fluid texture spreads over the skin like a perfectly even veil, concealing shadowy zones, for a perfect, long-wear make-up result.


For instant and spectacular beauty:
Imperfections are diminished by more than half, for an
even, perfect complexion: - 51%imperfections1
Wrinkles and fine lines are intensely smoothed and there
is a significant firming action for respectively, 87%and
94%of women tested2.
Shadowy areas are visibly lightened for 90%of women
Radiance increases by +4%3.
For 94% of women tested, this treatment provides an
improved make-up result4.

1 Instrumental test, n=16, after 1 application
2 Self-evaluation, n=31, T=immediate
3 Instrumental test, n=15, after 1 application
4 Self-evaluation, n=31, 2 applications per day for 1 month

Key ingredient

Discovered in Madagascar twenty years ago by Dior ethnobotanists, longoza has become the outstanding natural activator of Capture Totale skincare. Ten years of research have enabled scientists at Dior to reveal its multiple anti-ageing properties and exceptional regenerative power on skin cells.

Dior Garden

In this Dior Garden, with its exceptional soil, each flower gives birth to a scarlet fruit whose characteristic colour signals full maturity and the promise of about twenty precious seeds. From collecting the flowers to obtaining its seeds, the Longoza harvest uses genuine savoir-faire that respects local traditions.

Application tip

Apply to the face after your usual CAPTURE TOTALE treatment, and before Radiance Restoring Serum Foundation

Capture Totale
Triple Correcting Serum Foundation - wrinkles - dark spots - radiance

Enriched with the essence of the new Longoza-Cellular Complex™ that targets youth-replenishing cells, the Capture Totale triple correcting serum foundation is the first Dior foundation capable of acting on the 3 dimensions of a radiantly youthful complexion: smooth micro-surface, even skin tone and luminosity.

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Longoza from Madagascar - The film

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Capture Totale
Multi-Perfection refining base - SPF 25 - PA++

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