The fresh, skin-perfecting cushion foundation, everlasting 16hr* luminous matte finish


Diorskin Forever Perfect Cushion boasts an incredibly fresh, fluid texture with a weightless sensation that delivers a light, matte, luminous veil of correction and perfects the skin's texture, leaving nothing but the subtle finish of a fresh and velvety complexion.

For 92%* of women, the complexion is matte and luminous.

* Self-assessment by 60 femmes after application of the cushion.

Refill sold separately.

Make-up finish

Addictive freshness
Luminous matte finish
Everlasting 16HR*

* Instrumental test on 20 women after application of the cushion.

Application tips

Used alone in the morning, Diorskin Forever Perfect Cushion ensures a fresh and flawless makeup result.
It is also the ideal on-the-go solution for touch-ups to refresh the complexion at any time of day.


Puff-sponge applicator included.


Thanks to its patented "Air Cushion" technology, Diorskin Forever Perfect Cushion retains the quality of its pigments and the benefits of its skincare ingredients each time it is opened.

From morning to night, colour does not change or fade with the "Colour-Lock" technology. In heat, humidity, even extreme conditions, its staying power is beyond reproach.
For 88%* of women, colour does not change or fade during the day.

Day after day, the "Poreless Effect" Skincare Essence helps "rebalance" the skin. It refines its texture and softens imperfections for beautiful, enhanced skin.
For 88%* of women, pores are less visible.

* Self-assessment by 60 women after application of the cushion.


Diorskin Forever Perfect Cushion is available in a range of 7 shades to flatter any skin tone.

Vibrant Colour Powder Blush

Dior revisits its legendary blush with a new texture that blends with the skin, leaving only a natural-feeling veil of pure colour. Red, pink, coral and nude—a new motif with an explosion of colour for the finishing touch to your makeup look.

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Diorskin Forever Perfect Cushion

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