Spectacular Volume and Curl Professional Mascara


Diorshow Iconic Overcurl pushes the limits of curl to the extreme.
Its incurved brush delivers exceptional curling power for instant lash-styling along the entire fringe.
Enriched with K Polymers that boast tensor, sheathing and fixative properties, its volume-boosting formula instantly plumps and shapes lashes for bowl-you-over curl. Its restructuring lash-care ingredients work deeply to deliver even more spectacular curl.
Easy to remove with warm water or makeup remover.

Make-up Finish

Spectacular volume and curl.

Application tips

Apply vertically with the concave side, then boost and set the curl by pressing the brush against the upper lashes for a lash-curler effect.


Concave brush delivers lash-curler effect. 


Its stretch-effect cream formula curls and plumps lashes from root to tip. 

Backstage Eye Prime
Long-wear and smoothing eye primer

The eye primer prepares the eyelid before eyeshadow application by smoothing, correcting and evening the skin for maximum colour intensity.

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Diorshow Iconic Overcurl

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