Dior Images : Paolo Roversi

— Authors Katie Somerville, Lydia Kamitsis — Publisher Rizzoli — Presentation There is something deeply mysterious about our obsession for the spectral interplay of colours and lines that we call photography. Something deeply mysterious in our desire to collect these miniature likenesses of the faces of our loved ones, of the places we have visited, of the events which have shaped our lives. We always seem to desire more from the experience of observing these visual talismans than the simple evocation of a memory. It is as if photography is not just a tool bound only to imitate reality, but rather a space, an environment in and of itself, crafted to facilitate the occurrences and manifestations that take place before its lens.
Like Paolo Roversi, no photographer could question the unrivalled power of photography. In his hands, photographs cease to be mere reflections of the tangible, they become instruments able to transform reality. It is no coincidence that fashion is his favoured subject. Fashion, like photography, has a power similar to alchemy, which enables objects to appear differently to how they truly are.

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