Dior, Le Bal des artistes

— Authors Barbara Jeauffroy - Mairet, Vincent Leret, Brigitte Richart, Florence Müller — Publisher Artlys — Presentation From 14 May to 25 September 2011, le Bal des artistes, the Dior exhibiton at the Christian Dior museum in Granville, brought the couturier's passion for art and artists to life. The exhibition opened with the couturier's passion for art and artists, as well as looking at his early years as a gallery owner during the 30s, in collaboration with Jacques Bonjean and Pierre Colle. It also exhibited works by highly significant artists from the 20th century: Salvador Dalí, Joan Miró, Giorgio De Chirico, Alexander Calder and Alberto Giacometti. The second part of the exhibition explores how, since becoming one of the greatest couturiers of his time in 1947, Christian Dior maintained strong links with the world of the arts. Using it as inspiration, he paid tribute to it through his creations that featured aspects of drawings, architecture, sculpture and colour, all applied to the dynamic, mobile medium of textiles on the body.

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