christian dior & moi

— Author Christian Dior — Publisher Vuibert — Presentation "When a man writes his memoirs, we tend to say that he's 'reliving his past'. I don't like this expression: firstly, because it implies the writer is yearning for the past, and secondly because it implies that the past described by a man who tells his life story is clearly dead and gone.
As far as I am concerned, there's no going back to the past, no sentimental nostalgia or regrets. My best memories are yet to come, and my past is still young, very much alive. And I admit that what interests me the most about my past is what it will become in the future."
Just a few months after writing these lines, Christian Dior died prematurely from a heart attack. For the first time since its publication in 1956, this elegantly-written and sensitive autobiography was re-published in 2011 as a luxury edition (inspired by the original edition). In a style borrowed from the very best autobiographers ("It is unforgivable to have done something we didn't enjoy, especially if we were successful at it"), it retraces his childhood, in an unexpectedly cheerful style of writing, right through to his career in the world of fashion and the world in general.
A selection of photos chosen by Christian Dior himself, with the addition of photographic plates taken from the House of Dior archives, come together to enrich this exceptional testimonial.

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