Dior joaillerie

— Author Michèle Heuzé — Publisher Rizzoli — Presentation Dior Joaillerie offers readers the chance to immerse themselves in the work of its artistic director, Victoire de Castellane. Taking its inspiration from a mixture of pop culture, leafy motifs and couture details, Victoire de Castellane's style has a playful spirit. Diamond bows are reminiscent of untied ribbons, ladybirds are beautifully lacquered, rings blossom like flowers, marine creatures are reinvented in multicoloured opals and sapphires, snakes, salamanders and frogs are studded with rubies, sapphires and emeralds, skulls are crowned with diamonds, and roses are dressed in their most elegant ball gowns...
This first work dedicated to the talent of the jeweller from Place Vendôme invites the reader to learn more about the Dior Jewellery expertise, aesthetics and collections. It also features erudite and poetic commentary by the jewellery historian Michèle Heuzé, taking us on a journey into the world of French luxury and sophistication.

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