dés comme dior

— Author Gérard Uféras — Publisher Terre Bleue — Presentation Photographer Gérard Uféras dreamed up a magical and charming project. In extreme close-up shots, like toy tin soldiers, he immortalizes nearly sixty thimbles, all belonging to the skilled workers and seamstresses, known as the "little hands" of the Dior Haute Couture workshops. Whether they are silver dented by time, in coloured glass, adorned with semi-precious stones, or decorated with rosettes, flowers and birds... Behind each thimble there is a story, a skill, a talent. For each Dior seamstress, their thimble is a talisman, their personal stamp. As a contrast, Elisabeth Vedrenne, an art critic at Connaissance des Arts gives us a narrative glimpse of the history of the thimble. This tiny, basic object dates back to Egyptian antiquity. For thousands of years and across civilizations, it has protected the finger that pushes the needle while sewing. Dés comme Dior is an art object book, the pages of which unfold rather than turn, much like the pleats for which Christian Dior is so well-known. Italians call this accordion-style book a leporello. Almost as if its alive, it stands upright on its own and was put together little by little, like the tireless craft of the workers who, over the course of many collections, built the Dior brand.

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