Devenir Christian Dior

— Author François-Olivier Rousseau — Publisher Allary Editions — Presentation The setting is 1920's Paris: a young man struggles to find his way. He spends his evenings at Boeuf sur le toit surrounded by artists of already great reputation, all of whom recognise him as one of their own. And yet, Christian Dior does not yet know how to express his talent. Sketching hats and drawing dresses for various fashion columns leads him to discover his calling in life. But the War cuts short his ambitions.

After being demobilised, Christian Dior returns to Paris and joins Lucien Lelong's fight against the occupying forces, helping him to keep the fashion industry in France. In 1947, he unveils his first collection: the New Look. This is an overnight and worldwide success. Dior comes to embody French chic, and its designer becomes an immediate legend.

A journey through the artistic avant-garde of the Roaring Twenties and the effervescent world of fashion, this biographical novel brings to life the turbulent destiny of an exceptional designer.

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