Dior par Marc Bohan, 1961-1989

— Author Jérôme Hanover — Publisher Assouline — Presentation Dior par Marc Bohan is the third book in a series of unprecedented works, each of them dedicated to a fashion designer from Dior. This is the very first detailed study of the haut couture creations by Marc Bohan for Dior. From the Spring-Summer 1961 Slim Look to the Spring-Summer 1989 collection, this book reveals the discreet elegance of the outfits he designed for woman which were enjoyed by international clients, celebrities, first ladies, and reigning families. The author, Jérôme Hanover, spoke in depth with the designer, who shared details and anecdotes about forty specific items. These designs were lovingly photographed by Laziz Hamani, who was able to cast a new light on the highly accomplished work carried out by Marc Bohan over the more than thirty years he spent at Dior.

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