Dior, the New Look revolution

— Authors Laurence Benaïm, Florence Müller — Publisher Rizzoli — Presentation After illustrating the ties that link Dior and art in its most recent exhibitions, for summer 2015 the Christian Dior museum presents the New Look revolution and the exceptional place that it holds in the history of fashion. This work explores the effects this revolution had on modern fashion.
When Christian Dior unveiled his début haute couture collection in Paris on 12 February 1947, it signalled the demise of austere, masculine style, announcing instead a triumphant return to femininity. As the world was picking up the pieces after the war, the New Look conjured up the glory of days gone by at the same time proclaiming a new aesthetic that was resolutely turned towards the future. As opposed to the coldness of a flat silhouette in straight lines, Dior offered a soft look with a wealth of curves. Enhancing the beauty of the female body, he accentuated its seductive power with sharp, swaying contours.

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