Mes années Dior (My Dior years)

— Author Suzanne Luling — Publisher Cherche Midi — Presentation "Behind every great man is a great woman."

The great couturier Christian Dior is proof of this saying, with the exception of one small detail: it was four remarkable women who helped him achieve his dazzling success. Raymonde Zehnacker, Marguerite Carré and Mitzah Bricard were his three inspirations in terms of design. The other major figure on his staff was Suzanne Luling. She was to play a key role in the development of the Christian Dior label and its national and international influence.

Christian Dior and Suzanne Luling had known each other all their lives, both having been born in Granville. She never doubted his success, while he admired her inexhaustible energy and good humour. Having trained in advertising before the war alongside Marcel Bleustein-Blanchet, the founder of Publicis, she had not chosen to enter the world of fashion. Nonetheless, Christian Dior wanted her and her alone to manage the salons, sales and communications when he opened his couture house in 1946. With her extraordinary temperament and irresistible charm, this dominant figure in the Paris smart set was to become one of the key characters at Christian Dior.

Although she was regularly asked to publish her memoirs, it was to her entourage that she preferred to leave her memories of "the spirit of an era", published in this book.

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