— Author Muriel Teodori — Publisher Editions Flammarion — Presentation Like a signature, and a deep-seated identity, joy has always been at the heart of Dior. Today, a book filled with smiles and laughter, illuminating the history of the avenue montaigne house, is here to celebrate this Dior joy.

Presents in some 220 shots brimming with joy, “Dior, moments of joy” invites you to discover the house of Dior universe with a focus on pleasure and jubilation. Moments of intense joy, taken from real life, are signed by some of the greatest photographers, who have captured its cheerful and impetuous soul. On November 25th 1950, Robert Doisneau captured the joy in Christian Dior’s eyes, along with the laughing Dior catherinettes. Further on, there are shots by the tremendous Richard Avedon and Henry Clarke, who immortalized the swirling fashions and exuberant silhouettes of the new look. Behind the scenes at the runway shows, such favourable ground for effusiveness, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Gérard Uféras and Ellen Von Unwerth permanently set down the cheerfulness of the young models, intoxicated by the febrile ambiance of the shows. Further on, the carefree Dior joy of the 1980s and 90s is celebrated in the images of Guy Bourdin, Nick Knight and Jean-Paul Goude.
Today, Peter Lindbergh, Emanuele Scorcelletti and Patrick Demarchelier still continue to capture this Dior enjoyment of life that appears in their works. Accompanied by a fascinating and erudite “the little book of joy” written by french psychoanalyst, director and script writer Muriel Téodori, “Dior, moments of joy” is a feel-good book that illustrates with communicative cheer the joyful and exuberant soul of the house of Dior.

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