Versailles, act II. The new high jewellery collection by Victoire de Castellane for Dior continues with its exploration of the royal estate. In contrast to the ornamental details of the château – a source of inspiration for the previous collection – here the emphasis is on the gardens with their architectural layout and leafy backdrop.
Flowerbeds, groves and parterres as well as ponds, statues and paved walkways feature in this narrative stroll through the most emblematic of French gardens.


"Sapphire Enceladus Grove" brooch in white, yellow and pink gold, diamonds, sapphire, emeralds, tsavorite garnets, peridots, pink tourmalines, purple sapphires, demantoid and spessartite garnets, yellow diamonds, alexandrites, pink sapphires, chrysophrase and yellow sapphires.

Reference : JVER93069_0000

The savoir faire behind the collection

Versailles, act II. Victoire de Castellane’s new high jewellery collection for the Maison Dior pursues its exploration of the Royal domain. Here, the gardens, their architectural arrangement and botanical world harmonize with the Chateau and its ornamental detailing – the theatre of inspiration for the previous collection. Flowerbeds, groves and thickets, but also ornamental ponds, statues and sandy walkways compose this narrative ramble through the heart of the most emblematic French-style garden of them all.