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12 January

Let’s Glow, girls !

Pink, Raspberry, Coral, Lilac, Ultrapink, Berry —  Dior Lip Glow is reinvented in a multitude of colors for an equally wide range of personalities. Accompanied by her group of friends, her “glow squad”, Bella Hadid plunges us into the heady fashion show scene. Together, they explore the Dior Lip Glow lip balm’s new finishes and shades.

12 January
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Bella backstage

Captured in the bustling backstage world, Bella Hadid, the model and Dior make-up ambassador, is surprised by photographer Cass Bird as she’s being made up. On her lips is one of the new shades of the Dior Lip Glow balm which works perfectly with the rest of her makeup look as conceived by Peter Philips, Creative and Image Director of Dior Makeup.


Cass Bird

Born in the high-energy atmosphere backstage at the House’s fashion shows, the Dior Lip Glow balm has won over make-up artists not only thanks to its unique colors but also how it’s used. It offers "intuitive simplicity of application without the need for a mirror," says Peter Philips, Creative and Image Director of Dior makeup. This fashion show essential, which has become an emblematic product in the Backstage Pros line, lends itself to all occasions with its new finishes and shades.

11 January
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Dior Homme Summer 2018 Campaign 

For the summer 2018 campaign, Kris Van Assche unveils a new cast of Dior Homme faces, photographed by David Sims, in collaboration with the stylist Mauricio Nardi.

The collection marks the designer’s 10-year anniversary as Creative Director of Dior Homme by celebrating the savoir-faire of the atelier at 3 Rue de Marignan. Traditional tailoring is fused with varsity elements that explore the frontier of youth and young manhood.

Juxtaposing portraits of the two members of the Pet Shop Boys, Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe, the young American actor Charlie Plummer, and new faces Andreas Wolf, Henry Rausch, and Anton Jaeger, the campaign images provoke a nostalgic romanticism underlined by a motif of roses.

Christian Dior’s favorite flowers create touches of red on black and white portraits, producing a cinematographic mood.

The different characters lending their faces to the campaign are each a reflection of the nuanced collection. Neil Tennant’s penchant for tailoring is a contrast to Chris Lowe’s casual look, in a bomber jacket and baseball cap, whilst Plummer embodies a more formal style with a barathea “bar-jacket suit” worn with trainers and an Atelier Dior Homme ribbon tie. The three models sport the season's key silhouettes of wide trousers, sleeveless shirts and tailored shorts, as well as pieces from an exclusive collaboration with the French artist François Bard.

10 January

The Art of Color – Pink

For Christian Dior, it was “the sweetest of all colors, one of joy and femininity”. Pink like his favorite flower, the rose; pink like the façade of his childhood home at Granville in Normandy. We take a closer look at this color that inspired Peter Philips to create the spring beauty look, Glow Addict.


Laziz Hamani (Left)

As Christian Dior saw it, "every woman should have pink in her wardrobe". Thus, in winter as in summer, this color would occupy a choice place in its creations. From his first collection, presented on February 12, 1947 and dubbed the New Look, he sent out a “porcelain pink” and would go on to use pinks with such evocative qualifiers as "sigh", "French", "boreal", "twilight" and "pale cloud". With each new season, the couturier sought out "the dashes of color that will animate the streets tomorrow," and from his love of flowers drew the hues of peonies and roses. Thus, Rouge Dior lipstick, launched in 1953, quickly became available in pink versions. Then, in 1969, for the first full range of Dior makeup, Explosion de Couleurs, Serge Lutens would celebrate a bold fuchsia.

Seductive while remaining elegant, pink has never stopped inspiring the House’s creations. Artistic Director Maria Grazia Chiuri unveils the color’s romantic side with ethereal ball gowns embellished with fabric flowers, or reinterprets its assertive character in the vibrant shades of the spring-summer 2018 ready-to-wear collection. And Christian Dior’s favorite hue has now inspired Peter Philips, the Creative and Image Director of makeup, for his Glow Addict collection. In this look in which he explores, in his own words, "the color of femininity in all his ambiguity", we find subtle and nude notes evoking the tulle loved by Maria Grazia Chiuri, along with pop tones which offer a more daring beauty statement. 

10 January
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Interview with Peter Philips

On the sidelines of the shoot, Peter Philips discusses the inspirations behind the Glow Addict makeup look and shares his vision of the color pink at Dior.

09 January
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Panoply of Pink

As fuchsia, nude, mauve or pastel, pink is expressed in its various shades with the Glow Addict look conceived Peter Philips, Creative and Image Director of Dior Makeup. Whether given a look that’s romantic or eclectic, this color loved by the House reveals the model Frederikke Sofie in a new light.

09 January
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The Glow Addict Look

Peter Philips, Creative and Image Director of Dior Makeup, has developed Glow Addict, a springtime look based around pink to be produced using several new items from the House.

Revisiting pink for the Glow Addict look, as one of Christian Dior’s favorite hues, Peter Philips evokes a beauty that’s feminine and unconventional. He plays on the textures and the many nuances, revealing the breadth of this color’s palette.

With the Dior Addict Lip Glow balm, lips are nourished and their color is brought out with Ultra-Pink shades for a bold rose, Holo Pink and its glittery effect, or Matte Raspberry with a sustained, deep color. Naturally rosing the lips, this customized balm reacts to their moisture levels and revives them from the inside for a natural and radiant look. As a finishing touch, the many shades of Rouge Dior lipstick, from delicate beige to sparkling raspberry, play on the various pinks to emphasize the effect, whether romantic or electric. Dior Rouge Liquid lipsticks, with vibrant finishes and intense color, enliven the lips in a satiny pink with the Sweet Satin edition or velvet fuchsia with Sassy Matte.

The 5 Couleurs palette also expresses the plurality of this color in its two collector releases, Flirt and Thrill. It is about "Pushing pink without it being too girly or garish, cultivating its bold, tender and sensory facets like little flowers in each of the 5 Couleurs harmonies", explains Peter Philips. These two spring editions, with compaction evoking the tulle and pleated fabrics in the Dior collections, combine satin tones with an intense shade that helps to define the eyes.

Echoing the 5 Couleurs palette, the Diorskin Nude Air Luminizer powder also boasts a new embroidery-like compaction. Delicate and light, the editions Holo Pink editions with a cold glow and Holo Gold with warmer hues blend into the skin to catch the light and animate the face’s architecture with multiple shades.

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