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25 March

VIPs at the Dior: The Art of Color Opening in Shanghai

On Wednesday evening, to fete the opening of the traveling exhibition Dior: The Art of Color in Shanghai, Bella Hadid, the House’s makeup ambassador, along with actors Yao Chen, Jiang Du and Huang Jingyu turned out to join Peter Philips, the Creative and Image Director of Dior Makeup. 

  • Peter Philips - Bella Hadid

  • Yao Chen

  • Jiang Du

  • Han Dongjun

  • Huang Jingyu

  • Sun Yihan

  • Wang Likun

  • Siyan Huo

  • Wang Luodan

  • Wang Ziwen

25 March

Dior: The Art of Color in Shanghai

From March 21st to April 8th, the MoCA, Shanghai's Museum of Contemporary Art, will be the home of the globetrotting exhibition Dior: The Art of Color. Spotlighting the House’s love of color, it features images of the work of Serge Lutens, Tyen and Peter Philips, the Creative and Image Director of the House’s Makeup.  


“Why deprive fashion and women of the prestige and the charms of color?” Christian Dior asked in his memoirs. Beginning with the House’s first show, on 12 February 1947, color has always played a decisive role.

A veritable chromatic voyage, the exhibition Dior: The Art of Color, running at the MoCA in Shanghai until April 8th, presents films with expressionist accents by Serge Lutens, photographs of Tyen’s  sensual aesthetic, and images that are homages to color, orchestrated by Richard Burbridge and Peter Philips. Revealing the creative processes of these three Artistic Directors who succeeded each other to head up the House’s makeup, this traveling exhibition retraces the story of Dior makeup in twelve shades.


Among these is red, the Dior manifesto color since 1949, which is when the first lipstick, baptized Rouge Dior, was launched in a limited edition: “It’s the historic red. From the first day here in the House there have always been red lips, and red nails,” explains Peter Philips. Pink, “the sweetest of colors”, according to Christian Dior, is also highlighted, and in several shades: pastel, powder and fuchsia. Hugely superstitious, the founding couturier also had a particular attachment to green which, as he saw it, “always brought luck. What’s more, it’s a seductive and very elegant color.”

And so visitors can discover a photograph of a nude look punctuated by pure green on the lips and eyelids, the work of Peter Philips. Further on, a face is striped in shades of blue, in tribute to Christian Dior’s fascination for this hue which alone could “rival black”, as he notes in his Little Dictionary of Fashion. A subtle and nuanced art that’s also captured in the book Dior: The Art of Color published by Rizzoli.

22 March
Savoir Faire

Dior Grand Soir Feux D'Artifice Savoir-Faire 

22 March
Savoir Faire

Dior Grand Bal Plume Or Savoir-Faire 

22 March
Savoir Faire

Dior Grand Bal Pièce Unique Jardins Imaginaires Savoir-Faire 

22 March
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Dior Grand Bal and Dior Grand Soir

The Dior Grand Bal and Dior Grand Soir collections unveil a number of new models this spring, evoking the jewelry savoir-faire and watchmaking techniques for which the House’s ateliers are justly renowned. 

Paying tribute to Christian Dior’s passion for elaborate balls, the Dior Grand Bal watches contain an automatic movement exclusive to the House, with its oscillating weight mimicking a twirling gown. This season, they are enriched with a new creation, the Dior Grand Bal Plume Or, in an unprecedented 36mm format. Combining the lightness of a feather with the preciousness of gold,  this model, with its sun-brushed gold dial, is worked with the utmost delicacy, like an embroidered skirt, and demands the same savoir-faire as an item of haute couture.


For the new pieces baptized Dior Grand Bal Jardins Imaginaires, the House’s artisans succeeded in pushing the limits of their ingenuity. Inspired by the magic and the mystery of nature, their oscillating weight and dial evoke luxuriant flora and fauna, giving a nod to the founding couturier’s love of gardens. Combining rose, white and yellow gold, diamonds, rubies and sugilite, the 36mm Dior Grand Bal Pièce Unique Jardins Imaginaires N°6 is decorated with butterfly wings and feathers, and set off by an alligator-faced black satin strap.


None new watches, echoing the inherent splendor of fireworks, complete the Dior Grand Soir collection. Their dials are lit up like bright bouquets. The Dior Grand Soir Feux d’Artifice N°5, in a glossy black lacquer and embellished with a blue heart set with diamonds and sapphires, and rose and white gold elements as well as feathers, is an invitation to wondrous evening extravaganzas. Exceptional down to its mechanism, this watch possesses a regulator quartz movement and off-center hands at the ten o’clock mark.  

21 March
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Dior VIII Montaigne Clair de Lune

A new timepiece creation, the Dior VIII Montaigne exists in three models in a limited edition of eighty-eight which will be available from September.

Its name makes reference to a line in Christian Dior’s very first collection, named En huit, as well as the couturier’s lucky number. A watch creation that celebrates the House’s heritage, this season the Dior VIII Montaigne welcomes the addition of new pieces baptized Clair de Lune.


Three models, limited to eighty-eight examples each, have been designed to pay tribute to the founding couturier’s passion for the stars. From his youth in Granville to his ateliers in Paris, he never stopped believing in his lucky star, willingly giving himself over to the signs of fate or the advice of his fortune-teller, Delahaye. As a result, their dial features gold threads and diamonds representing the three phases of the moon – ascending, full, and descending. These precious hand-embroidered filaments recall the savoir-faire present in the House’s haute couture ateliers. Their 36mm-diameter yellow gold case is engraved on the back with a moon and a unique serial number. The bezel, in turn, is set with seventy-two round diamonds and the buckle of the black alligator bracelet set with eighteen.

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