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14 December
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Dior by Christian Dior, 1947-1957

The book Dior by Christian Dior, 1947-1957, written by Olivier Saillard and illustrated by Laziz Hamani, retraces the story of the couturier through his emblematic creations.

To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the house of Dior, Assouline is publishing Dior by Christian Dior, the first in a series of seven books dedicated to Christian Dior and his successors. Throughout his couture career, the inventor of the New Look granted a multitude of magazine interviews, participated in conferences and, for each of his fashion shows from 1947 to 1957, systematically produced a press kit that, while never formally signed, seemed to echo perfectly the designer’s thoughts. In fact, Dior was one of the designers who spoke most frequently about his craft. Guided by these numerous accounts, Olivier Saillard, the fashion historian and director of the Palais Galliera, delved into the designer’s collections to create portraits of Christian Dior’s emblematic dresses, the ones whose very names speak volumes about their creator’s inspirations and obsessions. Through these, the reader becomes immersed in the history of creations such as Arizona, Billet doux, Caprice, Dali, Nuit Fraîche, Vénus and Voyageur. To illustrate this work, photographer Laziz Hamani, a frequent collaborator of the house of Dior, traveled to museums around the world, from Paris to Los Angeles, London and New York, in order to capture the Dior allure.  

Dior by Christian Dior, 1947-1957, Assouline
504 pages
Published in December 2016 in French, English and Chinese

13 December
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Interview with Ian Davenport

British artist Ian Davenport discusses his conception of color and the ways in which he utilized it in revisiting the Lady Dior bag.

13 December
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Dior Lady Art: Ian Davenport

For the Dior Lady Art project, the contemporary artist Ian Davenport designed color-drenched bags and accessories, reproducing the effect of vertical paint stripes illustrative of his work.

To create his works Ian Davenport uses paint applied vertically with the aid of syringes on aluminum or stainless steel panels. These colorful vertical stripes end up melding together and giving rise to new shades, with an effect of free and spontaneous movement. For Dior, the artist has chosen a sequence of lines from a series of paintings titled Colorfall, which he has reproduced and adapted directly into the silvered leather of the Lady Dior, as well as clutches and phone cases. He was also inspired by a paint-spattered area of floor in his London studio, which he developed as the print on a scarf, before using it as a lining for the bags. On another collection of the iconic bag and associated small leather accessories, the lines of colored paint are broken up by the House's emblematic cannage motif, creating brilliant waves and unique volumes. 

13 December
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Interview with Jason Martin

Meet artist Jason Martin for an exclusive interview in his studio as he discusses the Lady Dior bags and evening clutches he designed for the House.

13 December
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Dior Lady Art : Jason Martin

Among those invited to revisit the Lady Dior, the British artist Jason Martin transposed the characteristic material effects of his own work to the emblematic bag’s leather.  

Jason Martin produces monumental monochrome paintings that resemble sculptures, in which he explores texture, brilliance and the accumulation of pigments in order to suggest movement. For the House, he created curves on the Lady Dior and the evening clutches, up to two centimeters in height at certain points, which were produced according to a special technique that gives the leather a unique and sensual undulation. On evening clutches, Jason Martin has placed hundreds of matte and shiny sequins on evening clutches, creating relief and playing with light and tactility. 

13 December

VIPs in Beijing 

Last Saturday, Zhang Ziyi, Linda Li, Bonnie Chen, Wang Likun and a host of other Dior-wearing stars turned out to celebrate the opening of the Dior Lady Art pop-up store in Beijing.   

  • zhang ziyi

  • Linda Li

  • Bonnie Chen

  • Wang Likun 

  • constence liu

  • kelly cha

  • wan wan

12 December
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Season’s Greetings with Sneakers

Sprinkled with delicate floral embroideries on the emblematic Fusion model, or cut in rumpled silver or black lambskin and decorated with flowers on the sole, the House’s sneakers are an expression of elegant ease.   

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