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14 March
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Behind the Scenes with Bella Hadid

Between two shots, meet Bella Hadid, the Dior makeup muse, on the set of the Dior Addict Lacquer Plump campaign filmed by the director Cass Bird.

14 March
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Assured Femininity 

Confident and feminine, Bella Hadid, the Dior makeup muse, is the new face of Dior Addict Lacquer Plump. Whether raspberry pink, luminous coral or dazzling red, her lips are accentuated with different colors corresponding to the beauty looks devised by Peter Philips, Creative and Image Director of Dior makeup.  

13 March
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Palette of Pulsing Color  

Available in sixteen shades, Dior Addict Lacquer Plump, the House’s first plumping lacquered lip stain lends itself to being used as all points during the day.    

The packaging has been designed to emphasize color with a Dior signature that highlights each of the sparkling hues,” Peter Philips says. With its trompe-l'œil holder in the form of a lipstick, the lacquered lip stain Dior Addict Lacquer Plump transparently reveals its sixteen shades, existing in three effects: Classics, Neons and Glitters.

Timeless and elegant, the Classics shades can be worn on any occasion, as in the bois de rose 456 Dior Pretty. The Neons correspond to more festive desires. The 676 Dior Fever, an intense slightly bluish fuchsia, perks up the lips with its confident color. Finally, the Glitters bring brilliance and sparkle, like the 538 Dior Glitz and its coral color with metallic reflections.


12 March
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Partying with Bella Hadid

As the Dior Addict Lacquer Plump lip stain is released, Bella Hadid, the Dior makeup muse, invites us to join her at an afterparty. 

With dazzling spotlights, catchy music and mirror balls, the electric atmosphere of a post-show party is where Bella Hadid introduces us to the House’s first plumping lacquered lip stain. The model sashays across a multicolored dancefloor for director Cass Bird’s camera as her reflection is multiplied to infinity by a multitude of mirrors. With the party in full swing, she indulges in some touch-ups. Using the foam applicator or her fingertips, she quickly and easily applies her Dior Addict Lacquer Plump for a mouth pulsing with color until the end of the night. "Bella Hadid has sensual and full lips that are enhanced by our lip stain’s glossy finish,” explains Peter Philips.

12 March
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Dior Addict Lacquer Plump

The House unveils its first plumping lacquered lip stain: a new makeup introduction embodied by Bella Hadid, model and Dior makeup muse.

“Its color is intense and long-lasting, its shine unique, and the product’s fineness makes it incredibly pleasant to wear,” says Peter Philips, the Creative and Image Director of the House’s makeup. Dior Addict Lacquer Plump reveals Bella Hadid in a new light. Combining brilliance and color, it brightens the mouth with intense hues for up to eight hours at a stretch. Its intensity and brightness are activated and released upon contact with the lips. More than just a lacquered lip stain, Dior Addict Lacquer Plump combines comfort and color like a plumper. "We have managed to push color to the extreme in its various effects with a comforting care formula and an imperceptible-feeling extra fluid texture,” explains Peter Philips.

11 March

Women @ Dior

For the first time, on March 12th and 13th, the house of Dior will welcome 200 young women from all over the world, from France, London, Milan, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Seoul, Tokyo, New York, and so on. It’s an unprecedented event. The House had never before brought together so many talented females of so many nationalities.

This unique convergence will take place following the principles of Sorority - the feminine solidarity that exists beyond traditional, cultural and geographical frontiers - and the Hand – the hand that extends, helps, carries, and shares. Each of the Dior mentors shares her experience and expertise, but also her vision and generosity, with her "mentee".

Our mentors, who will welcome and guide the young women selected throughout the year, are all Dior employees, under 30, and chosen according to three criteria: talent, ambition, generosity. The "mentees" are, for their part, the leaders of tomorrow, brilliant students in Fashion, Business or Engineering schools.

This event will be an opportunity to bring together the duos formed last year and those new ones which will be determined in 2018. The number 8 being not only Christian Dior’s lucky number but the symbol of infinity, too, this year will be a very special one because, besides hosting these 200 exceptional participants for a tailor-made program over two days, Dior will also introduce a singular artist whose focus is infinity. A NASA collaborator, the sculptor Anilore Banon will present her project Vitae, concerning the sending to the moon of her sculpture symbolizing humanity in a million hand prints.

The Hand will also be present in this maxim that will inform our exchanges: Own your destiny! (i.e. “Take your professional destiny in hand!”), based around an immersive journey to get to better know the House and its unique heritage, its many professions and métiers, and its leaders, both female and male. Also, to get to know each other better, because it is together that we learn to advance better, to know ourselves better.

The program will be organized around plenary sessions stimulated by three symbolic axes - Education, Empowerment, Elevation - which will inform each other. The art of Education will be explored through two immersive visits to places that are usually off-limits: the Dior Héritage service and the ready-to-wear and haute couture ateliers. The participants will also meet the House’s senior management in the boardroom where they will talk about their professional paths in discussions led by author and director Florence Sandis. Lastly, they will discover the codes of luxury so as to be able to appropriate them, through workshops given by the experts from the Dior Academy and the Stimulus firm who will introduce them to emotional intelligence. In order to help make their professional dreams a reality, the young women will then be invited to experience "the power of voice" and "the power of words": an expressive workshop led by Stéphane de Freitas who created the Eloquentia competition.

Over the course of the year, an international sorority network, led in each of the candidates’ cities by the Dior teams, will prolong this act of coming together and the creation of these exciting pairings.

08 March

Becoming a Strong Woman

To wrap up this series of Being a Woman interviews, Charlize Theron shares her advice.

No one is born invincible. According to the actress and J’adore muse, one becomes a strong woman  by showing one's weaknesses. Charlize Theron delivers an inspiring vision of femininity in this final part of the Being a Woman series, produced specially for March 8th.

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