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13 April

Dior: The Art of Color in Tokyo 

From April 11 to 22, the exhibition Dior: The Art of Color is running at the So-Cal Link Gallery Omotesando in Tokyo. With photographs and films featuring the beauty looks by Serge Lutens, Tyen and Peter Philips, it invites visitors to discover or rediscover the House’s deep roots in color.  

Beginning 1949 with the first Rouge Dior smiles, Dior beauty has been all about an embrace of color. It’s this makeup story that this traveling exhibition traces, in the manner of a chromatic voyage through twelve shades. Visitors are plunged into the worlds of the three Creative Directors who have successively headed Dior makeup.


Blue is one of the colors on show. Suggesting calm and tranquility, it was one of Christian Dior’s favorites: “Only navy blue can ever compete with black, it has all the same qualities,” the founder wrote in his Little Dictionary of Fashion. This color structures and distinguishes the model’s face, recalling a portrait by Fernand Léger, in a creation by Serge Lutyens from 1972.


Pink, “the sweetest of colors” according to Christian Dior, also gets the star treatment. Whether pastel, powdered or fuchsia, it translates the glorified femininity Tyen expresses in the photograph Splendid Plumage from 1988. The full spectrum of this nuanced art is to be found in the book Dior: The Art of Color, published by Rizzoli.

12 April
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Homage to the Sixties

Portrayed by the photographer Maripol, the Lady Dior, ‘J’adior’ ballerina pumps, the Dior Book Tote, and other accessories from the spring-summer 2018 ready-to-wear collection are tricked out in black and white check. This graphic motif has echoes of the work of Marc Bohan for the House, transporting us back to the 1960s.  

11 April
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Dior by Marc Bohan

The book Dior by Marc Bohan uncovers the longest story ever written between Dior and an Artistic Director.   

For almost thirty years, from 1961 to 1989, Marc Bohan designed for the House and asserted his vision of elegance in an outpouring of creativity.


In the spring of 1957, this lover of opera, painting and German literature met Christian Dior who offered him the position of artistic director of the American subsidiary; but the couturier died before the contract was signed. Instead, he joined the London branch in 1958. He would eventually be named artistic director of the House in September 1960. Succeeding Yves Saint Laurent, the couturier refined the lines, lengthened the silhouette and defined a look of dynamic femininity, freed of all constraints. With its bias-cut skirts, natural shoulders and dropped waist, the Slim Look was born! “Don’t forget the woman!” he noted in  1963 in Vogue. Highly attentive to new ways of living, in 1967 he launched the Miss Dior line of fashion that was upbeat, easy to wear, and in step with the social and aesthetic revolution that saw the emancipation of women and youth. This liberated spirit also proved a powerful inspiration to Maria Grazia Chiuri for her autumn-winter 2018-2019 ready-to-wear collection, an homage to May ‘68. 


In 1984, Marc Bohan celebrated Abstract Expressionism with a series of dresses evoking the drip technique of the American painter Jackson Pollock. Whether painting-dress or sculpture-dress, they gave a nod to the passions of Christian Dior — architecture and art — which he also shared. Just like the founding couturier, for Bohan the female body was the starting point in sculpting a look through the cut and choice of materials.


Documented by the words of the journalist Jérôme Hanover who interviewed him, and illustrated by archival images and the spare snapshots by photographer Laziz Hamani, this book highlights the designer’s inspirations and over the course of the pages traces the character traits of an insatiably curious man. Throughout his thirty years heading the House’s creative direction Marc Bohan never lost sight of his objective: “To make sophisticated clothes with simplicity, and a touch of insolence every now and then.

Dior by Marc Bohan, Rizzoli, 496 pages.
Third book in the series of seven devoted to the House’s designers.
Published mid-Avril in France and April 20th in the United States.

RRP:  €185 / $195

10 April
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Its fruity-salty accord has become the signature of J'adore Injoy, a unique scent conceived by François Demachy.

To produce this perfume, François Demachy redefined the contours of the mythic floral bouquet of J'adore. "With J'adore Injoy, I created a fresh fruity-salty accord in order for the white flowers to shine. A fleur de sel for today, which literally "smells" like joy, " explains the House’s Perfumer-Creator.

Alongside this refreshing top note sits a flower with unique qualities: a  ylang-ylang customized between the island of Nosy Be and the city of Grasse, the cradle of the perfume and the terroir of choice for Dior fragrances from the very start. Lastly is a juicy peach, the final essential element of this surprising composition.

10 April
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Sensory Experience  

Illuminated by the sun and immersed in water, the iconic J'adore Injoy bottle reflects all the sensuality of this sparkling gold fragrance.

Its glass amphora radiates, its beauty enhanced by the sun and translucent water as, one with nature, it gives the impression that the liquid it holds comes to life before our eyes.

Instantly seizing the senses, the J'adore Injoy packaging is a reflection of the fragrance itself. Precious and unique, through a play of transparencies its iconic glass amphora reveals a juice with shimmering reflections. Its form has been refined, even further evoking those feminine curves that Christian Dior magnified on February 12, 1947, the date he showed his first collection, with its line En huit.

09 April
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Instant Pleasure  

In the new J'adore Injoy campaign, Charlize Theron glows in a light-bathed sea.

With the sky diffusing a light boasting almost sacred overtones, Charlize Theron moves determinedly towards the sun. Instinctively springing forward, she lets herself be carried away by her senses. Entering into communion with nature, the J'adore muse succumbs to the instant pleasure offered by the sensation of water on the skin. Sensual, radiant and real, here she embodies all the facets of the fragrance J'adore Injoy.

09 April
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J’adore Injoy

For  J’adore Injoy, the fresh and bold olfactory offshoot developed by François Demachy, the House’s Perfumer-Creator, Charlize Theron expresses the magic of the here and now.  

With eyes closed and her face turned to the sun, Charlize Theron, the J’adore muse for more than twelve years, glows. In this new visual from the J’adore Injoy campaign, shot by Jean-Baptiste Mondino, she glows on a beach bathed in light, celebrating the present moment. the image refers to the immediate pleasure the fragrance offers. Composed by François Demachy, J’adore Injoy encapsulates the declaration of a spontaneous love of living, from its name, evoking an exclamation of joy, to its fruity-salty accord that seizes the senses unexpectedly.

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