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19 February

17/70 Moments in Cinema

Sophia Loren in Christian Dior with Marlon Brando during the filming of A Countess From Hong Kong by Charlie Chaplin. 



18 February
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Dior by Mats Gustafson

The book Dior by Mats Gustafson, published by Rizzoli, retraces the work of the Swedish artist who, each season, reinterprets the ready-to-wear and haute couture collections for the Dior Magazine

The House has always enjoyed close ties with fashion illustrators. From his first collections, Christian Dior collaborated with René Gruau, who would go on to illustrate the advertising campaigns for shoes, furs and perfumes. Today, this tradition continues with Mats Gustafson. The Swedish artist, born in 1951 and based in New York, worked in the 1980s for American Vogue, then from the 1990s for Vogue Italia and Harper's Bazaar. And, starting with the first issue of the Dior Magazine, the illustrator has been delivering his interpretation, season after season, of the Dior woman. Minimalistic and colorful, his watercolors and collages perfectly capture a creation’s cut and motifs. He succeeds in subtly directing our attention to a form, a print, or the movement of a fabric. Through his graphic and spare brushstrokes, the woman he depicts has a captivating allure. This tome provides an opportunity to discover the Dior collections from another perspective.



Dior by Mats Gustafson, Rizzoli

224 pages

RRP €85 / $95


17 February
Savoir Faire

Haute Couture Savoir-faire: Flowers

From the treatment of the fabric to the realisation of the final form, via the cutting out and painting of each petal that takes place along the way, discover the secrets behind the making of the flowers that embellish the haute couture creations designed by Maria Grazia Chiuri.

17 February
Savoir Faire

Haute Couture Savoir-Faire: Embroidery 

Antique gold and silver threads oxidized by time were employed by the expert embroiderers to create motifs evoking spider's webs on the Arachnéide Dress designed by Maria Grazia Chiuri.

16 February
Savoir Faire

Haute Couture Savoir-Faire: Raffia

This textile fiber derived from a variety of palm tree has been utilized as a couture thread to embroider tulle ball dresses. Dyed different shades and tracing out flowers, verdant bushes and streams of water, raffia lends a vegetal, almost living, touch to the creations designed by Maria Grazia Chiuri. Much more than just a raw material, it has been handled and worked with delicacy and refinement.  

16 February
Savoir Faire

Haute Couture Savoir-Faire: Constellation

Like an haute couture artwork, the fabric of the dress that was show look N°22 was hand-painted with a motif mixing stars and zodiac star signs, then finely embroidered with sequins and silk threads.  

16 February

Haute Couture Savoir-Faire: Pleating

Experts in the art of sculpting the most delicate of fabrics, the pleaters of Maison Lognon have been heavily involved in exercising their artisanal skill on the creations in Maria Grazia Chiuri’s first haute couture collection for Dior.


Maison Lognon

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