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27 November
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Black Carpet: The Video

27 November
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Black Carpet

Kris Van Assche, the Creative Director of Dior Homme, shakes up the suit’s codes in a new evening wear capsule collection for spring 2017. 

The idea of the Black Carpet collection was to convey the energy and rebel attitude of the runway collection in a capsule collection of evening wear while playing with the embellishment codes and know-how of Dior. Reworking the evening suit by pushing it to more extreme interpretations.” On wool jackets woven in noble motifs – houndstooth or Prince of Wales check – the Creative Director adds daubs of paint that also extend onto shirts in black or white cotton, creating a duality between the House’s traditional codes and a harder contemporary effect. This strong contrast is also underscored by the techniques used, such as the heavily wrinkled effect of cotton shirts, selvage made to look like a raw edge, or a scar that slashes through the satin lapels of tuxedo lapels revealing hand embroidery in the process. The House’s most precise and cutting-edge expertise is employed to create an untamed, energetic style. 

25 November
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J’adore Exceptional Edition: Savoir-faire

Discover the secrets behind the making of the new exceptional J’adore flacon, bringing together the expertise of some of the greatest Parisian artisans.

Inspired by 18th-century jewelry, Victoire de Castellane has designed a majestic flacon that encapsulates the elegance of the Palace of Versailles. “I imagined having found a perfume bottle inside a piece of furniture from the Court of Versailles, in the way one might have hidden a jewel, a treasure one wished to keep safe. If J’adore had been created in the 18th century, I like to think that it would have been like that, baroque, suspended in time and space,” the Creative Director of Dior Joaillerie explains. This special creation is the object of technical feats that combine tradition and innovation.  

The ribbon decorating the amphora is produced using a technique whereby a layer of silver is placed over a layer of rose gold. The two metals are worked separately then bonded together before being dipped into an oxidizing bath that blackens the silver while preserving the rose gold. This gives a jewel an antique look and reproduces a cradle-lit effect. As if frozen in movement, the bow requires precise and meticulous manipulation by the craftspeople, from polishing to stone setting. Each crystal amphora is mouth-blown by the master glassblowers at Baccarat, perpetuating the close links the House has enjoyed with this prestigious crystal glassmaker since 1947.

Lastly, like a signature engraved on the gem of a flacon, Victoire de Castellane handwrites the name J’adore.

25 November

The J’adore Exceptional Edition

The iconic J’adore amphora is reinvented in an exceptional edition designed by Victoire de Castellane, Creative Director of Dior Joaillerie

For the first time, Victoire de Castellane is delivering her own artistic interpretation of the emblematic J’adore amphora. Inspired by the Dior à Versailles fine jewellery collection, this exceptional edition is embellished with a bow, that most essential of House codes. Set with diamonds, it lightly and delicately caresses the flacon’s neck, heightening its sensuality and femininity. “When one sees a bow, one imagines a physical act. Untying a bow is like undressing. And appropriating the object the bow was fastening,” the designer explains. The Baccarat crystal flacon, with its curves and transparency, melds perfume and metal in a play of color and light. Victoire de Castellane adds: “In my work you always find this idea of eternity that comes from capturing movement when it's at its most beautiful”. As a result, the J’adore amphora becomes a rare and precious jewel, with only five in existence in the entire world. 

24 November
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Focus on the creations from the Splendor collection designed by Peter Philips, allowing the wearer to create a sparkling and intense festive look.

For the Splendor look, the Creative and Image Director of Dior Makeup has conceived a sophisticated beauty aesthetic in the manner of an haute couture garment, in which both lips and eyes come to sparkling life. Lips and cheekbones are swept with a colored and matte fine velvety veil by the new Diorific Matte Fluid. With its jewel-like packaging, it comes in four essential shades – the soft pink Marvel, the bright fuchsia Treasure, the bois de rose Pleasure, and an incandescent red, Luxury. As the marker of a colorful and flamboyant femininity, Diorific Lipstick has been reinvented for the season in five rich hues with a matte finish, including a collector shade, Golden, which can be worn alone or layered with another to create a magnetic finish.

Eyes are given a sculptured look using shades from the 5 Couleurs palette, coming in precious metal tones with Smoky Sequins – white, silver and anthracite around a bronze gold – or Precious Embroidery – a grouping of pink, mauve and dark purple around a rose gold. The complexion echoes this festive and sparkling spirit through the very fine texture of Diorific Splendor, which enhances facial bone structure, or a touch of Diorblush Splendor, whose apricot nuance suits all skin tones and lights up the skin with pearlescent shimmer. To develop these pallets and compacts, Peter Philips, inspired by the virtuosity of the House’s expertise in haute couture, turned to the Vermont atelier, which regularly collaborates with Dior on embroidery for dresses and suits. The Creative and Image Director of Dior Makeup commissioned it to produce an exclusive embroidery for Splendor, with the Dior name traced out in gold sequins. The motif was then used when compressing the powder. This balance between couture and beauty can be found throughout the collection, as the colors borrow their richness from luxurious fabrics, extending to the Diorific Vernis that coats nails in five colors with warm or icy sequinned effects that allude to lamé evening wear.

23 November
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The Winter Beauty Look

For this winter and the accompanying festive season Peter Philips, the Creative and Image Director of Dior Makeup, has designed Splendor, a limited-edition makeup collection inspired by the sequins embellishing the House’s haute couture creations, with lips and eyes competing to out-shine each other.

22 November

Stars in Dior at the CARE Association Dinner  

Last night Paris was the setting for the soirée to mark the seventieth anniversary of the friends of the association CARE, which combats extreme poverty, and of which Dior is a proud sponsor. The dinner, the work of celebrated chef Hélène Darroze, brought together boldface names including Loulou Robert, Fanny Ardent, Aissa Maiga, Pierre Niney and Natasha Andrews, all dressed in Dior.

Loulou Robert 

Fanny Ardant
Aissa Maiga
Natasha Andrews & Pierre Niney

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