28 March
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Glow Anytime, Any Place, Anywhere  

Each an expert in glow par excellence, the skin care treatments from the Diorsnow range team up to reveal a radiant skin with immaculate transparency.


At the heart of the Diorsnow range, the brightening 3QD Essence of Light serum helps reestablish the skin’s natural luminosity. Applied to the face in the morning and at night, in just 2 months the skin is brightened by 3 skin tones with visibly reduced dark spots and shadow areas, leaving the skin transparent with a pure and immaculate glow.

 The new Perfect Light covers the face with a delicate, translucent, rosy veil that infuses skin with moisture, evening out and enhancing the complexion through a combination of the best in skin care savoir-faire and the latest optical correcting technologies.

 An ideal format for touch-ups throughout the day, the new Perfect Glow Cushion offers deeper hydration for up to 24 hours and a brighter, more cloudless complexion, all in one single gesture. From the first application, the complexion brightens and the skin is instantly refreshed and visibly more beautiful.

28 March
latest news

Dive into the Glow

The new Perfect Light cares for the skin from within while enhancing natural radiance. 

In a hybrid formula fusing the expertise of Dior skin care with the latest optical correcting technologies, the translucent rosy texture of Perfect Light infuses the skin with moisture, blurring imperfections to enhance natural radiance. Dive into the glow so gracefully incarnated by model Ruth Bell with her angelic face.

28 March
latest news

Diorsnow, the 3QD* Essence Of Light Serum 

At the heart of the DIORSNOW range, the 3QD* Essence of Light serum reveals the immaculate purity of the refined beauty of Asian women. 

Dior Science has concentrated in a bottle of light the power of natural origin ingredients to help re-establish the skin’s natural luminosity. Reflecting the savoir-faire and expertise of the House, this Brightening Milk Serum day after day evens the complexion while reducing dark spots, harnessing the extraordinary brightening powers of Edelweiss from the Dior Gardens.


 *QUASI-DRUG: whitening, soothing and anti-roughness. Certification administered by the Japanese Ministry of Health.

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