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22nd April
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Dior Hydra Life Manifesto​

Skincare in eco-friendly packaging with ultra-performing concentrations of naturalness, Dior Hydra Life is setting the standards for the beauty of tomorrow.  

Because our mood has direct repercussions on our beauty, with the new sorbet program,Dior unveils a joyful palette of textures with a sensation of freshness and deliciously-scented new formulas. Offering a new and even more complete hydration, it combines two technologies: the aquaporins that activate the circulation and the cutaneous flora, the top layer of the skin on which the Dior science is placing its focus for the first time in order to stimulate the epidermis’ natural defenses. Thanks to the new prebiotic, this flora is playing an active role in facial radiance.

22nd April
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Dior Hydra Life New Additions​

Celebrating the power of flowers, the Dior Hydra Life range welcomes a number of new care products.  

As the first step in the Dior Hydra Life beauty routine, Balancing Hydration 2 in 1 Sorbet Water offers a wave of freshness. A floral lotion developed from jasmine, it rebalances the skin, while reducing shine and small imperfections such as visible pores.

To complete the action of this daily treatment, Hydration Rescue Intense Sorbet Creme concentrates the power of mallow, haberlea and chamomile. This melting balm intensely nourishes the skin to permanently soothe sensations of discomfort. After one month, the skin is twice as hydrated as before.

The Cooling Hydration Sorbet Eye Gel with its ceramic applicator refreshes the eye area and gives an immediate anti-fatigue effect at all times. Enriched with cornflower and mineral nacre, it reduces dark circles and brightens the eyes.

Lastly, Dior Hydra Life offers two new products to purify skin flora. Triple Impact Makeup Remover provides 3 powerful actions in every application: it effectively removes all types of makeup, even waterproof, softening and soothing the eye area while beautifying the lashes. Micellar Milk No Rinse Cleanser combines the cleansing power of oil micelles with the properties of a rice milk to eliminate all traces of makeup and impurities on the face and around the eyes.

21st April
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The New Dior Hydra Life Hydration Rescue Intense Sorbet Creme

The models Frederikke Sofie and Sora Choi reveal the benefits of the new Dior Hydra Life Hydration Rescue Intense Sorbet Crème in a campaign by the photographer and director Cass Bird.  

21st April
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Flower-Infused Skincare

With hydration the foundation of every beauty routine, Dior Hydra Life offers natural and sensorial skincare that works efficiently.

In a genuine concentration of nature and pleasure, Dior creates a new hydrating sorbet for naturally beautiful skin. Made from carefully selected flowers and plants, our treatments help activate the skin's natural defenses with strikingly fresh formulas. This innovative range is enriched with five new products: Balancing Hydration 2 in 1 Sorbet Water, Hydration Rescue Intense Sorbet Creme, Cooling Hydration Sorbet Eye Gel, Triple Impact Makeup Remover and Micellar Milk No Rinse Cleanser.

20th April
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