12th July
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12th July
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Inside the Maison Christian Dior Paris Apartment

In the heart of Paris, Maison Christian Dior has unveiled a unique space imbued with Dior elegance, conceived to bring together a community passionate about perfume.

  • Lou Doillon

  • Jean Imbert

  • François Demachy

  • Mathias Kiss - Mathilde Favier

  • Sophie Vouzelaud

  • Marie-Agnès Gillot

  • Charlotte Le Bon

  • Pierre Banchereau

At Maison Christian Dior, a love of fragrance is generously transmitted. This notion of sharing is present as much in its boutiques as on its site - Dior.com – and the House seeks to highlight it today with the opening of an exceptional apartment that acts as a place of exchange where olfactory pleasure is prolonged.


In the heart of Paris, on the fabled Place Vendôme, it seeks to bring together aesthetes from around the world united by their passion for perfume. In a warm atmosphere, punctuated by contemporary designed rooms reflecting a certain French art de vivre dear to the founding couturier, Maison Christian Dior displays its perfume bottles and other scented pleasures, such as soaps and candles, developed with the greatest care and exacting precision by François Demachy. This unique setting will provide a meeting point throughout the year, as well as a location for special events, for the friends of the House.


To inaugurate this Parisian address, on June 26 Dior invited its first batch of “fragrances lovers”. French personalities from the worlds of art, music, dance and gastronomy, all of whom possess a particular sensitivity to scent, as a way of experiencing and expressing emotion. Guests included Lou Doillon, Charlotte Le Bon, Marie-Agnes Gillot, Mathilde Favier, Mathias Kiss, whose famous crumpled mirror adorns the dining room wall, Pierre Banchereau, Sophie Vouzelaud, and Jean Imbert who, for the occasion, devised a dinner inspired by the fragrances in the collection.


Maison Christian Dior would like to thank: Carpenters Workshop Gallery, Baccarat and Dior Maison. 

11th July
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From the gouache sketches to the final finishing, via stone setting and mounting, discover the secrets behind the make of the new High Jewellery collection. 

11th July
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Dentelle Tulle Saphir項鏈
Dentelle Tulle Saphir项链

Take a closer look at the steps that went into the making of the Dentelle Tulle Saphir necklace from the Dior Dior Dior collection, unveiled by Victoire de Castellane.

The Dentelle Tulle Saphir necklace consists of fourteen gold honeycomb meshes. Exceptionally fine and delicate, they were hand-crafted over three weeks, this bringing out contrasts of matte and shiny. Designed from more than a hundred distinct elements – set and polished separately before being joined together by a system of rivets – necklace utilizes a gold fabric as refined as any in haute couture. Enhanced by diamonds and glittering gemstones, it reflects the excellence of Dior’s jewelry ateliers.

11th July
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Discover the secrets of the Dentelle Satin Rubis bracelet, created for the Dior Dior Dior collection by Victoire de Castellane. 

Through assembling of multiple chaton settings - the claws that hold the precious stones – that, for this exceptional piece, the craftsman jeweler has developed an openwork pattern evoking the spirals found in lace. This creation was conceived to lap the curves of the wrist. As a result, it has more than a hundred distinct elements, some of which have been hidden to give the impression that its structure is composed of a single frame. Almost like couture, each of the gems seem to have been sewn into place, integrating harmoniously with the jewel’s volume. Requiring nine different setting techniques, the bracelet features rose-cut diamonds that, like sequins, shimmer and sparkle to the rhythm of the movements. It is an accomplishment, pushing the limits of the savoir-faire of excellence, that required no less than 1200 hours of work in the House’s ateliers.

11th July
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Dior Dior Dior

Victoire de Castellane, Artistic Director of Dior Joaillerie, unveils a new collection baptized Dior Dior Dior which pays homage to the House’s haute couture creations.

Cutting bits of lace, placing them on the hand and transforming them into colorful jewels was the original idea behind this collection. Adapting the weave and twisting intertwining and arabesques so that lace could unfurl freely as necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings. Swirls and spirals mingle, perfectly embracing the curves of a wrist or neck. 
 “I wanted to capture the sensation of ethereal lightness and the haute couture signature of lace which, like ribbons, silk and draping, is essential to the Dior lexicon,” explains Victoire de Castellane, who drew inspiration from the House’s heritage and the many kinds of lace present in Christian Dior’s archives. 


And so was born a virtuoso array of openwork necklaces, woven in yellow, rose and white gold. Crafting them required a level of excellence in savoir-faire that mirrors haute couture as closely as ever. It was a veritable technical feat for the best jewelry ateliers in Paris, which realized these creations by minutely working precious metals to the extreme, like silken threads of embroidery that illuminate center stones: emeralds, blue and pink sapphires, yellow diamonds and mandarin garnets seem to have been stitched directly onto honeycombs of golden chiffon, while diamonds appear sculpted like sequins, enhancing the couture effect. And, as always, there are unique ways of wearing them, one of Victoire de Castellane’s signatures that here proves particularly exhilarating: double rings bridge two fingers, a palm bracelet retraces lifelines, earrings are asymmetrical and sumptuous hand jewelry link bracelet and ring together with white gold lace sprinkled with flowers and pink spinels.  

10th July

Meghan Markle in Dior

To honor the hundredth anniversary of the Royal Air Force, Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Sussex wore an haute couture dress designed by Maria Grazia Chiuri for the House, along with a Dior black leather clutch and shoes.  

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