17th September
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For the fall-winter 2018-2019 ready-to-wear collection, Dior jewelry piles us and overlaps. In this way the Dio(r)evolution and L'Amour Avenir pins in gilt metal, and featuring a safety pin, are worn alone or in pairs. When it comes to earrings, the various Dior Tribales creations lend themselves to asymmetrical options, each decorated with motifs representing stars.

16th September
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Dior Skincare 

Conceived as a sensory and emotional immersion into the world of Dior skincare, the Instagram account @DiorSkincare was launched September 5th.

True to the spirit of the founding couturier who sought to make women “not only more beautiful, but happier, too,” the @DiorSkincare Instagram account reveals the natural beauty of each by sharing the House’s expertise and knowledge. Through its posts, this virtual window will unveil the formulas behind the skincare products and the savoir-faire of the experts who develop them. It will also uncover the places essential to the birth of these creations, such as the Hélios research center or the House’s gardens, prized natural settings from which Dior science draws its unique resources.

Because sharing is at the heart of Dior skincare, the House will deliver valuable advice adapted to the seasons: beauty tutorials, professional techniques to adopt, testimonials, and so on. Interviews will also be conducted with both the researchers and the makers, experts who distill the power of flowers into serums and highly-effective products. Dior will also provide an opportunity for women to share their personal experiences. Lastly, this page will reveal the behind the scenes of skincare events, inviting us to discover these highlights through live videos and exclusive content.


To learn more about Dior skincare, check out the first @DiorSkincare posts published on Instagram.

14th September
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Peter Philips explores the universe of Rouge Dior Ultra Rouge in seven beauty looks. Working with the lipstick’s ultra-pigmented hues and semi-matte finish, the Creative and Image Director of Dior Makeup reveals its possibilities from every angle.

“Rouge Dior Ultra Rouge re-imagines both the experience of wearing lipstick and the expression of red,” explains Peter Philips. Combined with the Dior Rouge Ink Lip Liner pen, this new addition offers a bold, elegant or graphic beauty look, playing on ultra-saturated colors and surface effects.

For these creations, the shades 111 Ultra Night 47, a deep black, and 000 Ultra Light 47, a pure white, featured strongly. Depending on the desired result, the color is intensified with the first or softened with the second. With deep or more natural shades, Peter Philips expresses a new art of color.

13th September
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“All of us are stars, aren’t we?” asks Natalie Portman, boasting magnificent, poppy red lips courtesy of the new 777 Ultra Star, a luminous and dazzling shade.  

Whether under the harsh spotlights or for everyday, this poppy red can dress the lips of women everywhere, as desired by Christian Dior who himself developed eight shades to harmonize with his most beautiful red creations, but also “with each skin tone, color, fabric, and hour” As worn by Natalie Portman in the Ultra Rouge campaign, it reveals all its tones and brilliance.

13th September
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“It’s better to be shocking than boring.” Her smile enhanced with subversive red, Natalie Portman plays the provocative card with the 851 Ultra Shock shade.

Passionate and impetuous, Natalie Portman sets the tone for this strong-charactered shade. Boasting an intoxicatingly color-drenched effect, this deep hue combines burgundy, deep browns, taupes and dark purple. It acts like a “coup de Trafalgar”, akin to the bright red dresses, suits or coats that suddenly lit up the founding couturier’s fashion sows. Their recurring presence in the collections highlights the importance that Christian Dior gave to this color as the very incarnation and quintessence of life.

12th September
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“Believe In yourself. If you don’t, who will?” Natalie Portman states directly into the camera. Confident and radiant, she coats her lips in 770 Ultra Love, a vibrant raspberry shade.  

Dressed in a Maria Grazia Chiuri creation for the House, a seductive Natalie Portman embodies the 770 Ultra Love shade. Filled with femininity and joy, she reveals all the possibilities of this lovely, easy to wear raspberry, with its hints of bois de rose and almost coral beige. Designed to be worn on a daily basis, it coats lips in its strong and vibrant color, evoking Christian Dior’s desire to make women “not only more beautiful, but happier, too”.

12th September
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As worn by Natalie Portman, the Rouge Dior Ultra Rouge shades take on a whole new dimension. In four short films paying tribute to the color red, they reveal their subtle and strong tonalities. The focus here is on 999 Ultra Dior, an iconic and singular red, an ode to femininity itself.

Revisited by Peter Philips with an inexhaustible creativity, the Creative and Image Director of Dior Makeup, red 999 is one of the iconic colors developed by Christian Dior in the early 1950s. Having become a House signature and, more, one of its identifying codes, it testifies to the passionate and uncompromising love the couturier had for red. “Very invigorating and flattering, it's the color of life. I love red. In my opinion, it suits almost all complexions and can also be worn at any time,” he observed in his Little Dictionary of Fashion.

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