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08th February
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The Savoir-faire of the Majestueuse Opale Watch: The Video

08th February
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Dior and Opals

With its singular color harmonies and mysterious aura, the opal is at the heart of the new fine jewellery collection designed by Creative Director Victoire de Castellane.

It’s a mysterious stone, imbued with sometimes contradictory beliefs. A universe captured in a single stone, which seems to reflect the origin of the world. A narrative whose infinite details are a perpetual invitation to reverie. If there was only one stone left in the world, it would have to be this one, because it carries within it the colors of all the other gemstones. “It’s a very poetic stone,” explains Victoire de Castellane, Creative Director of Dior Joaillerie. “It’s an invitation to a fairy tale, to magic. When I look at it, I see the earth from afar, the oceans, the archipelagos, and the reflections of stars on the waves… I see it as nature’s gemstone par excellence, a stone that’s so linked to the feminine that it becomes organic.


The opal, one of Victoire de Castellane’s favorite gemstones, has been present in Dior jewelry collections from the very beginning. Here, it is the central stone in a fine jewelry collection that demanded incredible feats of skill from the best Parisian artisans, as much in terms of workmanship as in the search for stones. In fact, pieces are designed to show off each opal’s special beauty. Precious timekeepers, special messengers of time, on which the opal’s nuances echo the colors of the stones in the dial, bezel and bracelet: diamonds, emeralds, rubies, amethysts; pink, yellow and violet sapphires, spessartite garnets, tsavorites, demantoid garnets and Paraïba tourmalines respond to the opals’ fire and seem to reflect here in reds and pinks, or there in harmonies of blues and greens. On secret watches, opals pivot to reveal a dial set with diamonds. Above all, they are bracelets: “It just so happens they’re bracelets that tell time,” the designer notes. There are eight bracelets, in reference to Christian Dior’s favorite number. Five styles of La D de Dior with an opal dial and a diamond-set bezel complete this collection’s timekeeping proposition.


Within this great opal adventure, other jewels recount their own story. On rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings, a central opal releases its fire and reflects in many diamond cuts and settings. “One finds the spirit of the Cher Dior collection here,” notes Victoire de Castellane. “This time, it’s all in diamonds because I find it a fabulous gemstone for offsetting a pale color value: it reinforces a frozen aspect, as if the colors were crystallized in a drop of water.” Nine pieces perpetuate the dialogue between Cher Dior, which, since 2013, has been designed like an epistolary exchange with Monsieur Dior: “I like my collections to speak to one another,” explains Victoire de Castellane. I pull on the thread constantly and rework things until I feel they’ve had the last word.


Lastly, Dior and Opals is the story of jewels that, under the name Petit Panache, explore a feather theme, one of the designer’s favorites: six rings and four pairs of earrings boast opals that are by turns radiant or outlandish, reigning in majesty amidst yellow, white or rose gold feathers set with white diamonds. It’s as if the stone alighted on a precious, light duvet: one can imagine that these feathers were the ones used to pen a correspondence between Christian Dior and Victoire de Castellane. An exchange of ideas about opals and Dior.

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