20 March


The House announces the arrival of Kim Jones as Artistic Director of Dior Homme for the ready-to-wear and accessories collections.


“I am delighted to  welcome  Kim  Jones  to  Dior  Homme,” Pietro Beccari, Chairman and CEO of Christian Dior Couture, said. “His talent and the strength of his creative capabilities are internationally recognized. He will benefit from the support of the teams and from the savoir-faire of the ateliers to create an elegant men’s wardrobe, both classic and anchored in contemporary culture.”
A graduate of Central Saint Martins in London, Kim Jones has already made his mark by combining his reinterpretation of a house's heritage with his visionary inspirations.
“I  am  deeply  honored  to  join  the  house  of  Dior,” the designer said upon the announcement of his arrival. “I would like to warmly thank Bernard Arnault and Pietro Beccari for their trust in offering me this incredible opportunity. I am committed to creating a modern and innovative male silhouette built upon the House’s unique legacy.”

Kim  Jones  will  present  his  first  collection  for  Dior  Homme  in  June,  during  the  Paris Men’s fashion week.

19 March
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Sauvage – Celebration of the Magic Hour

To make Sauvage eau de parfum, François Demachy, Dior’s exclusive Perfumer-Creator, was inspired by a unique moment, when the deep blue is haloed with mystery and the sky kisses the desert. Impressions and evocations are unveiled by the creator who has produced more than an eau de parfum: it’s an ode to nature, to its power and its spellbinding metamorphoses. 

“The magic hour which inspired me in creating this perfume is a very special moment, suspended between day and night, when the sky turns shades of blue, and the horizon is colored with a hazy ripple of yellow and pink, named the Belt of Venus. The desert air exhales a multitude of powerful smells; it’s the moment when the animals come out, as the daylight slips away. It’s precisely this hour, conducive to legends, between dog and wolf – named such because you can no longer tell the difference between a wolf and a dog – and the light, with its different intensities of blue, that guided me in this creative process.

I wanted to create an Eau de Parfum that would be a fragrance in its own right; I researched this harmony, which was powerful as a result of its volume and depth, in which the warmth of spicy notes contrast with freshness, all while proving enveloping.

A perfume is primarily a defined idea, an extremely precise construction. I began with the elements of Sauvage eau de toilette to which I brought a slightly different equilibrium through spicy notes of nutmeg, which accentuating others, such as rounder and fruitier mandarin.

Sauvage is a powerful word that proved enormously inspiring. It pays tribute to the House’s heritage, namely the iconic Eau Sauvage, a word that contains the evocation of a French refinement, one part a masculine sensibility, one part complexity. From the hills of Grasse, the land of my birth, I headed to the great American deserts. I roamed these places several times, with their infinite palette of color, from ochre sand to blue-tinted clouds.  

This highly contrasting land, open to the skies, is endlessly transformed at the hand of light and shade. I didn’t want the result to be bland, but rather distinct and determined, an eau de parfum with strength. These Californian deserts seduced me. I crossed them extensively, and never felt lonely or isolated; the night there is bright and filled with life, and the nature truly wild.   

Nature is there in each of my creations, or perhaps my creations are there in it. It’s often the inspiring muse, an essential guide. Here, it’s also present in the ambergris – mysterious, salty and fascinating. Its animalism plays on our olfactive unconscious, giving depth and relief to the other substances, it prolongs the scents and sensations in an intense, tenacious, otherwise unattainable way.

The woody notes are another manifestation of nature: evocations of incense and crackling camp fires, burnt wood and sage, which I have transposed with the warmest and most enveloping side of rounded notes of vanilla. This gives a fragrance with multiple colorful , sensual and animal facets.
The magic hour is also the time of sacred rites, myths, tribal and shamanic legends embodied by Johnny Depp’s character.

The magical territory that particularly inspired me was Joshua Tree, the American desert populated by very strange, tortured-looking trees, a land of legend, a mythical and cinematographic landscape. A place of pilgrimage and retreat, too, for stars of the music world, and which offers an extraordinary contrast between this wooded nature and the arid and wild desert stretching out around it.

Sauvage isn’t an “on-trend” fragrance, it’s timeless, with an assured masculinity that crosses the ages, rooted in the collective unconscious, like this adventurer, this solitary hero who crosses the wide expanses and these magical moments, caught outside time.”


François Demachy

19 March
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Sauvage Eau de Parfum

Shaped by noble and natural elements, Sauvage Eau de Parfum developed by François Demachy, is reinvented with oriental facets. 

“Its signature is already highly identifiable. It didn’t need to be exaggerated or have its composition loaded… So, step by step, I recreated it, rethinking the equilibriums that compose it,” explains François Demachy. Inspired by the potency of the magic hour, this intense and fresh scent teams its signature of Calabrian bergamot and ambroxan with unprecedented accords. Sichuan pepper and pink berries are joined by very expressive star anise and Indonesian nutmeg. Then the delicious and smooth enveloping charm of Papua New Guinean vanilla kicks in. This carefully balanced fragrance, with its smoky accents, offers a new sensorial experience. Unquestionably masculine, it evokes wide-open landscapes and the man who strides through them, an adventurer by heart with a desire for the authentic. 

18 March
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The Desert Aromas

The magic hour, the suspended time in the desert that inspired Sauvage Eau de Parfum, is revealed in these striking images. 

As the daylight slips away, the sky takes on a multitude of bluish tones, the wolves come out and nature reasserts itself. It’s also at this precise moment that the desert gives up its most powerful scents as the earth is heady with resinous and spicy smells. François Demachy has translated this olfactive parenthesis for Sauvage Eau de Parfum and it can be sensed here in these images.

18 March
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Sauvage Reinvented

Sauvage Eau de Parfum, developed by François Demachy, unveils new packaging in somber and bluish shades, reflecting the colors of the sky during the magic hour, when dusk is falling in the desert.  

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