Living Tableaux

Magnetic. The scenography of the Winter 2021-2022 show by Kim Jones pays tribute to the mesmerizing creativity of Peter Doig. Like an animated metaphor, the British artist’s works spring to life in astonishing proportions. The dreamlike sky of Milky Way thus illuminates the decor from floor to ceiling, a subtle reflection of a starry sky.

Setting the scene for this celestial exploration out of time are huge enclosures placed in the middle of space. Inspired by the artist’s Speaker/Girl (2015), they are superimposed atop one another, creating an interplay of graphic architecture. Placed at the frontier of the acoustic and electronic worlds, they seem to create another dimension.

    As a final detail, a two-level staging offers a captivating play on scale and perspective, with models striding out along various sightlines. A striking celebration of the encounter between artistic disciplines that the House of Dior so cherishes.