L'Or de Vie La cure vintage 2017

30 mL x 3

Encapsulated in L'Or de Vie skincare, Yquem Marc extract boosts skin revitalization: skin cells appear more dynamic. They produce more of the substances essential to the skin's beauty (1). It is allied with Yquem Sap that infuses cells with an exceptional power of longevity (2).
(1) Ex vivo test.
(2) In vitro test.

'A transformation that is beyond spectacular:
1st month: transformation. This vintage has a radical effect on the 7 factors of youthful beauty (wrinkles, dark spots, firmness, radiance, hydration, skin protection and quality). The skin is more resistant, as if protected by this miracle treatment.
2nd month: amplification. Results are increased.
3rd month: reinforcement. The sustainable foundations of perfection are created deep in the skin.
3 months of La Cure L'Or de Vie application, 6 months of benefits. Using Le Sérum again at the end of the treatment will prolong the results obtained with La Cure for 3 months.