30 Montaigne Candle Set Scented candle and candle lid

For the holidays, Dior is bringing together in a gift set the 30 Montaigne scented candle and the candle lid from La Collection Privée Christian Dior.

The 30 Montaigne scented candle embodies the spirit of the Dior salons of old, which lives once more in your home for 70 hours of burning time. In this set, the candle container is dressed with the floral motifs of the Dior Atelier of dreams: on the porcelain, a magical decor comes alive, to be discovered in a limited edition.

A delicately elegant accessory, the lid is used to preserve the fragrance of the candle once it has been extinguished.

A true ready-to-gift set, the case of this La Collection Privée Christian Dior art of living duo is also enhanced with the enchanting Atelier of dreams designs: a generous gift idea, with unequivocal refinement.