Grand Bal Fragrance

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Grand Bal is the fragrance that drops its mask and reveals without any flourish all the facets of Jasmine. The name of the fragrance lends it a form of sumptuous majesty, and implies a grandiose, enchanting trail. An elegant and floral ball, the way Christian Dior loved them.

Uninhibited and bold, Grand Bal is a fragrance that takes center stage, the kind you experience like a sensual and entrancing dance.

The milky warmth of Sandalwood gives the fragrance a noble and sensual trail, in response to the Jasmine that develops certain animal notes.

The Grand Bal fragrance unfurls a trail that reflects all of the colorful decorations and gold trim of the most extraordinary masks.

Floral. With a few notes of Orange Blossom and Ylang-Ylang accords, an olfactory symphony of opulent Jasmine is revealed at the heart of Grand Bal. A fragrance creation that celebrates flowers, like the floral ball gowns Christian Dior so adored.

As captivating as a Venetian ball, rich with potent and memorable olfactory notes, Grand Bal brings the promise of a scent that marks the moment.