Diorsnow - Ultimate UV Shield Skin-breathable brightening emulsion - spf 50+ pa++++

30 mL

Broad-spectrum protection
Boasting an SPF 50+ PA ++++, this Dior formula, with patented* technology, ensures broad-spectrum protection against UVB and UVA rays, all while acting on oxidative stress induced by blue light and infrared rays. It therefore helps effectively combat hyperpigmentation and photo-aging.

Extreme breathability
The featherweight texture is born from the Extreme Breathability technology, which – among others – unites water-soluble filters with classic oil- and powder-based filters for more weightlessness and optimal comfort for 8 hours.**

To boost the skin-breathable texture, next-generation packaging was developed with an incredibly fine mesh sieve that aerates and refines the formula at every use. It also ensures perfec cleanliness and innocuousness out of the tube.

* France : FR1055942 / Angleterre : GB 24822332 / Allemagne : patent pending DE102011052006 / Chine : CN102342892 / South Korea : KR101968339 / Japon : JP6351023
** Instrumental test on 10 subjects.


  • In 2020, Dior Science takes protection to the next level with Diorsnow Ultimate UV Shield, combining strengthened protection with the comfort of an extremely breathable texture.

    Boasting an SPF 50+ PA++++, the Ultimate UV Shield offers broad‑spectrum protection against UVB and UVA rays, while preventing oxidative stress caused by blue and infrared light. It thereby helps combat hyperpigmentation and photo-aging.


  • Broad UV Protection Spectrum (SPF50+ PA++++)

    8 hours of Global UV Protection

    Water resistant

    Its featherlight texture is the result of a protective complex, which combines water-soluble filters with traditional oil and powder filters for a lighter feeling and optimal comfort.

    To boost the feeling of breathability, next generation packaging has been developed, with a micro-fine mesh sieve tip that aerates and refines the formula with every use. It also ensures perfect cleanliness and innocuity when the product is dispensed from the tube.


Epigenetics is a unique scientific approach** to skin luminosity that demonstrates how repeated environmental stressors (UV rays, variations in temperature, stress, pollution, etc.) alter gene expression and impact skin quality.

The star brightening ingredient of natural origin, Edelweiss extract, is the veritable emblem of Diorsnow, with its immaculate whiteness that no form of aggression can affect. Cultivated by Dior in a natural way, with neither fertiliser or pesticide, it grows in a protected garden in the valais region of Switzerland, in a rare, preserved ecosystem.

This delicate yet highly resistant flower now benefits from a vectorisation technology that increases how far it penetrates the skin.