Creative spark

  • A new spin on the Dior logo greeted guests: Pierced with Judy Blame’s iconic safety pin, it seals the spirit of an exceptional dialogue between couture and DIY, a celebration of fashion as both a work of art and a creative process.

  • On the runway, gigantic glass cubes clouded by dry ice paid tribute to all those who have inspired Kim Jones. Poetically, they evoked passionate souls - from Christian Dior to Judy Blame – whose unique talents are infused in a collection magnified by haute couture savoir-faire.

In a half-light of orange, blue and Dior gray, these luminous, evanescent clouds lit in a play of colored transparencies set in time to the music. Within this moving, hypnotic setting, models sported symbolic pieces, in a show brimming with tributes to Dior’s timeless allure and the British artist’s subversive style. The architectural, minimalistic lines of the garments underscored the art of detail for which the Art Director is known.

    Like a living sculpture set among some of the most impressive monuments in Paris, an angel passes by. Winged with sumptuous silver embroidery, reflecting light in three-dimensional sparkle, the show’s closing silhouette, with its graceful allure, lit up the scenography’s graphic perspective, a scene in which black reigns as the master of refinement and elegance.