Souffle de Soie Fragrance

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Souffle de Soie is the image of a fragrance worn like a silk scarf, an olfactory whisper of poetic and floral words.

Delicate and charming, this floral fragrance is the kind you wear on the skin in the same way you tie a silk scarf around the neck.

In the wake of the delicate floral burst, Souffle de Soie reveals musky olfactory notes for a genuine olfactory stroke.

An opalescent white beaded with touches of pink, a harmonious blend of jasmine and rose petals.

Light floral. Souffle de Soie is a subtle fragrance like that of newly blossomed buds that elegantly exude a floral scent.

A light fragrance with intense rose and jasmine accords, the floral nature of the olfactory notes in Souffle de Soie pervades the senses with generosity and fluidity.