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Elegance, daring style and the House's savoir-faire are exquisitely expressed through the fine jewelry collections designed by Victoire de Castellane.

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Conceptualized and then sketched by the Creative Director of the Dior Jewelry collections, the Maison's women's luxury jewelry reflects the spirit of the House with elegant poeticism. Continuing her creative journey, Victoire de Castellane remains inspired by the couturier's passions, such as nature, eternal love, the stars and other hallmark haute-couture pieces. The iconic silhouettes of the Rose des Vents, Bois de Rose, Rose Dior Bagatelle, Pré Catelan, Oui, Minioui and Archi Dior, amongst many other collections, aptly reflect these timeless themes. Each is comprised of emblems such as sculpted florals or cosmic and solar motifs, displayed on earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings. In Rose des Vents, Victoire de Castellane reimagines Christian Dior's lucky star in the form of a wind rose—the universal symbol of travel and adventure. The eight-pointed star is also a nod to the couturier's lucky number. Rose Dior Bagatelle showcases Christian Dior's favorite flower of all, the rose. The collection is named after Parc de Bagatelle in Paris, where over 1,200 species of the treasured flower bloom. The Creative Director channels the garden's romantic allure into each piece. A signature technique found in the collection is the 'two-bead' setting, which holds diamonds in a way that hides the gold between two stones and enhances their brilliance. Archi Dior takes its cues from the couturier's passion for architecture. Translating its rules into ready-to-wear and creating structured pieces, those same principles are found in the luxury fine jewelry collection. Inspired by the delicate way fabric drapes and folds or the strong lines of gowns and suits, Victoire de Castellane's creations are the ultimate tribute to the heritage of the House. The product of artisanship and incredible precision, each style showcases precious stones. The exceptional gems such as diamond, emerald, amethyst, opal, mother-of-pearl, turquoise, onyx, malachite are set in solid 18-carat white, yellow or pink gold. Each stone is selected with the greatest attention for its purity and shine. The fine jewelry for women offers vibrant and sculptural designs that feature hand-lacquered pieces. The same renowned craftsmanship of the ready-to-wear and accessory collections is evidenced in Dior jewelry, as the designer believes it is a quintessential part of any wardrobe. The variety of motifs and colors allows the wearer to accentuate ensembles with personalized style. Continuing the legend of Christian Dior, every woman can find meaning that also resonates with her own story. True odes to the virtuosity of Christian Dior jewelry ateliers, these luxury creations will illuminate the outfits of all women.