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Rouge Dior - Couture Collection Limited Edition Lipstick - engraved couture ribbon motif - velvet finish

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Image swatch product Rouge Dior - Couture Collection Limited Edition
720 IcôneA bold rosewood

The Dior lipstick icon continues to reinvent itself with a limited edition inspired by haute couture: the Christian Dior label, the finishing touch that is usually sewn onto Dior creations, is engraved on this lipstick, a mark of Christian Dior's absolute chic style.

Enriched with natural-origin floral extracts, the long-wear Rouge Dior lipstick provides lips with 16h* of comfort. The Icône shade dresses lips in a red with a velvet finish.

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  • Dior adorns its iconic Rouge Dior lipstick with a new intricate engraving, inspired by the Christian Dior couture label.

  • The legendary mark of the House of Dior, the Christian Dior label has graced each couture creation since 1947. Over the years, it has become a symbol of the Dior atelier expertise.