#Limited Edition

Ambre Nuit Luxury Set Art of living gift set - fragrances, body creme, soap, candle and accessories

For the holiday season, Maison Christian Dior has created the most extraordinary gift: the Ambre Nuit fragrance ritual set.

Ambre Nuit is the fragrance in which two extremes meet: the dark and animal facets of Amber blend with the fragility of Rose. A warm nocturnal rush.

More than an ordinary fragrance set, the Ambre Nuit Luxury Set reveals a selection of exceptional olfactory creations that compose the fragrant art of living unique to Maison Christian Dior.

Designed like a genuine showcase with a leather feel and removable inserts to turn it into a precious box, this gift set comes wrapped in a sleeve printed with an enchanting design of a starry night.

The Ambre Nuit Luxury Set includes:

- The Ambre Nuit fragrance, 250 ml large bottle,
- The Ambre Nuit fragrance, 40 ml travel size,
- The Ambre Nuit body creme, 150 ml,
- The Ambre Nuit solid soap, 100 g,
- The Ambre Nuit scented candle with lid, 250 g,
- The Maison Christian Dior candle snuffer.