Thé Cachemire Fragrance

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The name of the fragrance Thé Cachemire is a combination of two refined and delicate images. The fragrance offers an olfactory interpretation of the sensation of sipping a soothing tea while curled up a cashmere sweater.

Wrapped in both the vivacity of White Flowers and the roundness of Musks, the fragrance Thé Cachemire is an olfactory comfort, a warm and soothing caress.

The tea note was composed to reveal the floral and smooth notes of Rose.

A natural green, like the leaves and buds of tea plants.

Light floral. The fragrance unfurls in an olfactory triptych: it is delicate with its scent of Rose, airy like the leaves of an exceptional tea, and as enveloping as a luxurious cashmere.

The fragrance Thé Cachemire has a lasting trail, like a perfectly steeped tea that enhances the beauty of its olfactory notes.