Ambre Nuit Fragrance

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Ambre Nuit is born of the creative play of Dior Perfumer-Creator François Demachy. Like an ambery and nocturnal wave, the fragrance Ambre Nuit draws its name from these two strong facets of its personality.

Ambre Nuit is an oriental fragrance. The instant power of the fragrance, born from the animal notes of Amber, is softened by sensual, velvety accents. A character that is both forthright and secretive.

Ambre Nuit is an ambery floral fragrance vivified by soft spicy notes.

Ambre Nuit is multi-faceted with the honeyed, golden gleam of Amber and the intense rosy touches of Turkish Rose, as imposing as a velvet tapestry.

Oriental-Floral. The fragrance Ambre Nuit is the encounter between two extremes: Amber with an animal facet and Turkish Rose unfurling its delicateness and sophistication.

The intensity of the fragrance is composed around a contrast between the flower and the animal note. Neither too delicate nor too wild, the fragrance is both powerful and enveloping.