Fall 2022 Men’s Show

Online on December 9th at 7.00 pm GMT

But you can go on thinking and imagining forever further and stop at no decisions to pick up a bag for the thinkings. Turn your thinking into your work, your thoughts a book, in sieges.” Jack Kerouac, On The Road*, 1957. A celebration of ceaseless imagination – of the reinvention of craft, of new perspectives.


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On the Road

The collection

  •  Discover the inspirations of the Dior men’s Fall 2022 collection, mixing countercultures with couture, refinement with sportswear.  

    © Jackie Nickerson

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  • The House’s emblems are reinvented throughout the collection, a new reading of men’s fashion according to Dior. 

    © Jackie Nickerson

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From the road to the Atelier, the Dior Fall 2022 collection pays tribute to the manifold inspirations in harmony with the House’s virtuoso, innovative savoir-faire. 

© Sophie Carre    © Elise Toidé    © Andrea Cenetiempo