Lady Dior As Seen By

A veritable fashion statement, the Lady Dior bag naturally lends itself to interpretation, as witnessed in Lady Dior As Seen By, an online retrospective of works based on the timeless icon by a selection of contemporary artists from around the world. The house of Dior invites you to embark on this captivating modern odyssey — one fueled by creative passion —from the comfort of your own home.

Morgane Tschiember

  • Paying tribute to contemporary architecture, Morgane Tschiember’s 2012 work MONUMENT, the first discovery on this aesthetic journey transporting us into another dimension, shapes concrete, glass and metal to metamorphose this emblematic accessory into an imposing structure. With its pure, minimalist lines offset by plays on transparency, the work diffuses light in a poetic and hypnotic way, and creates a magical moment of escape and introspection outside of time. 

    Kum Chi Keung

    • On the occasion of the House’s online retrospective, Lady Dior As Seen By, Kum Chi Keung’s work, poetically christened Lady Bird, transforms this iconic bag into an animated sculpture evoking a marvelous bird. The artist, who has always had a passion for traditional Chinese bird cages, reinvents this key symbol of his creative language through the prism of the cannage motif, the Dior code par excellence. In this fascinating game of construction, the natural beauty of bamboo meets the finesse of the Lady Dior’s architectural lines. Dive into the dreamlike universe of this unique project.



    Created by Olympia Scarry in 2016, the work Le Palais unfolds like a majestic model of the Lady Dior “residence”. A true celebration of a modern-day fairy tale, the sculpture reinvents the architectural lines of this timeless icon as well as other emblems of 30 Avenue Montaigne. Cement sublimates the unmistakable Dior gray, while round glass panes complete the House’s signature graphic cannage motif. Intimacy, an enchanted future and a common heritage converge in this special space dreamt up by the Swiss artist whose work highlights the materiality of memory, bearing witness to a story worthy of legend(s). 


    • Fascinated by Christian Dior’s creative audacity, architect Inti Vélez Botero, designer Daniel Mancini, and artist Iris Joval, the creative trio behind the Barcelona-based design studio Wanda, dreamed up a paper version of the must-have Lady Dior. Combining the tradition of origami and 3D design, their triple-layered work, Espace-Object-Sensation, through the poetry of the hand, transforms this everyday material into a creation of dazzling enchantment. The Wandaful Bag, featured in the House’s online retrospective, Lady Dior As Seen By, reinvents the structure of the emblematic cannage motif through a play of transparency, finesse and depth.

      Ran Hwang

      • Inspired by the passing of time, the visible and the invisible, the artist Ran Hwang, on the occasion of the traveling exhibition Lady Dior As Seen By, dreamed up a sculpture in full bloom. A shower of plum blossoms erupts across the Dior icon, forming delightful red and black punctuations, hammered in using a repetitive, meditative process. With its extraordinary, elusive qualities, the artist’s tableau, which features in our online retrospective of the show, reveals the infinite beauty of nature, infusing this timeless emblem with a unique and ever-renewed essence. The immersive work, with its mesmerizing transparency, invites the viewer to marvel at the innate and captivating poetry of life. 

        Oh You Keung

        Oh You Keung

        For her work Moving Bag, which features in our online retrospective of the show, Oh You Kyeong sought to explore the many facets of this modern icon. Encircled by broken and curved mirrors, its architectural lines and cannage canework reveal themselves in different ways depending on the viewer’s perspective, reflecting the surrounding environment through mimicry, as if by magic. Through these reflective materials, the hypnotic sculpture multiplies images and interpretations, transforming this symbol into a mysterious, bewitching reflection of the world.