The new Beachwear Capsule

Dior is unveiling the new Beachwear Capsule, a line signed by Kim Jones, renewed season after season. In a ground-breaking collaboration, the director of Dior’s collections has teamed up with Parley for the Oceans, an environmental organization and collaborative network addressing major ocean threats with a strategy called Parley Air: avoid, intercept, redesign. 

Their debut collaboration introduces a selection of environmentally conscious pieces that embodies the house’s desire to move towards a more eco-innovative, sustainable future for fashion. A unique celebration of nature. 


    For the first time ever, Dior has partnered with Beuchat to design a set dedicated to underwater explorers. A panoramic-vision mask and a snorkel – don the House’s style fundamentals, including a revisited “DIOR” signature.

    The flippers, the long fins of which allow divers to discover the oceans in complete freedom, feature the iconic Dior Oblique motif along their entire length. These original creations are an invitation to delve into the beauty of the aquatic world, which should be preserved more than ever.